• The bell rang for class to end, and the students picked up their belongings from their desks. The teacher, Matsuoka Keru, smirked as he watched his one student, Katsura Akio, stand up from his desk. The small boy had midnight black hair that flowed around his face and gently touched his lips. His eyes were a greenish-blue color, like the trees reflecting off the river water. His skin dark and tan, with a slender female-like body. The seventeen year old boy had come to school that day in the regular white buttoned down shirt and the royal blue over coat, but his usual black dress pants had been replaced with a short, blue, and black pladded skirt. In over all, the boy was adorable.
    "Katsura-san." The teacher, Keru, called out to get the student's attention. "Please stay after class, if you will." He spoke with a gentle smile. The teen sat down in his seat, trying to cover the faint shades of pink and red that almost blended in in with his tan skin.
    Why would he not be blushing? Matsuoka-sensei was one of the last year's hottest teachers. He was know from the first years, to the last year students, and even those at different schools. His long, dark, navy blue hair that was always up in a loose pony-tail; his dazzling, silver ords that could catch any pray, male or female; his soft, pink, rosey lips that spoke the words of his every lesson; and his smooth, silky, soft skin. What was there not to love? Akio had fallen fr the teacher.
    Akio shyly looked up from his desk to see those magistic silver orbs casting a glance on him. When his eyes caught even the smallest traction with the teacher's, he quickly looked back at his desk, the pink deepening in his face. "Katsura-san." Keru spoke with the same gentle smile on his face. "Would you care to enlighten me on your little... uniform change?" The navy bluehaired teacher asked with a soft chuckle. This only caused the younger boy to become shyer and not able to speak.
    "Y-you see Mastuoka-sensei, I-" The smaller boy was cut off when the man said, "Keru." Akio blinked, dumbfounded. Keru?
    "Please, school is technically over now..." Keru explained walked over to the desk. He stood infront of Akio, hands in his dress black pants pockets. "Call me Keru." The man grinned.
    "Y-you see... Keru-san..." Akio spoke softly. "Two of my friends thought it would be fun to switch my pants with this skirt." He exlained shyly. "I know it's stupid and retar-"
    "I like it."
    "-ded looking, but I-" Akio's voice stopped dead in its tracks when his teacher's words processed through his head. "Y-you what?" Akio asked, followed by a nervous gulp. Since when had Matsuoka-sensei gotten so close to him?
    "I said... I like it." The teacher repeated himself. "I find the skirt rather... cute." The last word turned Akio's face a bright red color. Keru chuckled at the boy. He took another step closer. Akio's mind flushed. He couldn't think straight. How... no, why was his twenty-three year old teacher causing him to feel this way? Why him? Why not someone else?
    "Akio-kun." keru called out, grabbing the boy's attention. Akio hadn't noticed, but the etacher had moved back to his onw desk. He was currently sitting on it with one leg bent, foot on the desk and his knee up in the air, and the other leg dangling over the side of the desk. "I can call you Akio-kun, right?" He questioned the boy who only nodded, seeing as he couldn't speak. "Akio-kun." He called out. Gently, Keru patted an empty section og his desk, motioning for the teen to come over. Akio, not knowing what to do, stayed in his seat. Keru pouted, standing again.
    "Uhmm... Mat-" Akio started.
    "Keru." The man interupted, stepping foward once again.
    "...Keru-san..." Akio corrected himself as the man smirked. "A-as a teacher, are you aloud to c-call.. m-me c-c... cute?" He forced out int a soft whisper. Keru once again chuckled at the adorable sight before his very eyes.
    "I don't know... Does it bother you?" Keru asked taking another step closer. This time, the man didn't stop walking until he was directly infront of the teen's desk Akio continued to look down.
    "N-no... I j-just don't g-get it... W-what's cute about me?" Akio asked, a slight pout on his face. keru smirked. This was his chance.
    "I find a couple of this cute about you, Akio-kun." Akio's head snapped up to look at the man. He was once again caught in the glaze of those silver nets. this time, he couldn't take his eyes away.
    "L-like?" Akio asked, nervous to hear the reply. Keru took a seat on the boy's desk, his eyes still connected to the smaller boy's.
    "well... I love your eyes." Akio blushed. "The way they sparkle and how they stand out against your tan skin..." The man continued. "I find that cute. And your hair is adorable." The man said as he gently ran his fingre through the boy's locks of dark hair. "The way it curves your face..." His hand gently rested on the boy's cheek." So cute." Akio's blushed deepened when his teacher gently carressed his lips with his thumb. "And your lips..." The teacher whispered, leaning down closer to the boy. "They're so soft... and rosey... and kissable."
    "Kissa-" Akio coudnl't finish his sentence, seeing as Keru's lips were pressing against his. Keru gently pressed Akio against the desk chair, deepening the kiss. Akio wasnt to protest, but how could he? He wanted this.
    Akio, not wanting to be dominated, started kissing back. Keru smirked into the kiss. There was no way he'd lose to his uke. He leaned in more, enough to make room for him to slip one hand under the boy's lags. This surprised Akio and gave Keru the chance to pick the boy up in his arms, bride style. "You're desk is too small..." Keru started, still smirking. "I prefer mine." With the slightly panting Akio in arms, Keru walked ovre to his desk. He gently laid the boy down, after pushed all of his belongings onto the floor. Keru climbed up on the desk so that he was ontop on Akio, pinning the boy down.
    "W-why me?" Aki asked shyfully, his head fell to the side to avoid the teacher's eyes. When he looked back at the teacher for a quick moment, he caught sight og the smile on Keru's face. "I... I'm your student...:
    "And in a few months you'll be eighteen, out of shcool, and a grown man." Keru said sitting up. His bottum rested on Akio's thighs, one leg on each side of the boy. "I would wait for you, Akio-kun..." Keru started with a smirk. "And I will... but this is too much." Akio arched an eyebrow.
    A soft gasp with a quiet moan fell out of Akio's lips as Keru's hand travled up his thigh. "I just can't help myself..." His hand kept on going. Akio couldn't take it. this was torture! "I've been able to hold myself back, and I thought I could until you turned eighteen, but Akio-kun... You're too bute in that." Keru whisered seductively in the boy'd ear. Akio's mouth let out another soft moan when Keru playfully glided his hand over Akio's crotch.
    "K-keru-s-san..." The boy gasped out. "S-stop t-teasing..." He whispered.
    "What is it you want, Akio-kun?" Keru asked in a playful voice. His hand was running up and down along Akio's thigh; his lips barely touching the boy's the boy's. "Is this what you want?" The teacher firmly grasped Akio's hardening member from outside the short, black boxers he was wearing under the skirt. Another, louder, mon fell from the boy's lips. "I believe that's a 'yes'." Keru said with a smirk. His hand left Akio's lower region, traveling up the boy's shirt. "This must go." Keru said unbottoning the boy's jacket. With one botton gone and out of the way, the blue object was tossed acorss the floor.
    "Keru-san..." Akio whispered in a pant. "I... I... can't... take it..." The words fell out of his mouth like a waterfall. He couldn't control the words that flowed. He couldn't stop himself frowm saying these things. "Keru-san... I need... I need... you..." He couldn't help but blush at his won words. His teenage hormones were taking over. "Ple-" His words were finally cut off by Keru's lips pressing to his once again. This tiem, neither took the time to wait for the other's reaction. Lips till connected, Keru began to unbotton Akio's shirt; Akio doing the same to him.
    Keru's tounge found its way into Akio's mouth. Their tounges fought for dominace, while their bodies did as well. As much as Akio hated to admit it, he didn't mind being on the bottom with his teacher. He was only fighting because he wanted to at least try. He was willing to go down, but not without trying.
    Keru pulled back from the kiss. His long hair had fallen out of its pony-tail and hung down, touching Akio's face gently. Keru smirked at the sight under him; shirtless and skirt wearing Akio. "I lied, Akio-kun..." Keru whispered. "You're not cute... you're beautiful." Akio's face was already flushed, but it somehow got redder.
    "Akio-chan!" A voice cam from outside the door. Both sets of eyes widened when the door bursted ope. "Akio-chaaaa-" A boy with long, rainy, red hair waked in. His bright blue eyes widened at the sight infront of him.
    "Saku-kun, did you find Akio-chan?" Another boy asked walking up to the red head, not bothering to turn his head and see the seen taking progess. This boy had long, black hair with a ten of pruple put to it, and dark brown eyes. The red head indentified as Saku pointed in the direction of the half naked two.
    The boy's brown eyes widened. "Holy mother of pearl!" He shouted causin Akio to blush and turn his head away from his two friends; the ones who got him in the skirt. Yuuhiko Saku and Yukimoto Sora. "Akio-chan and Matsuoka-sensei!" Keru found himself getting off of Akio and walking to the door. "Saku-kun, did you see this coming?"
    "No, Sora-kun... I didn't..." The read head whispered in shock. Keru stood at the door, smiling.
    "Goodday Yuuhiko-san, Yukimoto-san." Keru said before slamming the door shut, then locking it. Saku's eyes widened.
    "Wait! I want to watch!" The inside the room ingnored the cry and continued what they were doing. Saku pouted.
    "You know, Saku-kun..." The boy named Sora started with a smirk. "There is a window in the classroom..." Saku's eyes twinkled as her pout turned into a huge smile of excitement.
    "Then why are we here?!" He shouted dragging the other boy away with him.