• (= Boy and girl sitting together in a winter night near a dock=)

    (Girl looks down) Can I ask you a question?

    (Boy looks at girl) Sure, what is it?

    (Girl looks at boy) Do you think I'm a psycho?

    Boy: No, why?

    Girl: Because some guys say I am.

    Boy: Well, they're wrong.

    (Girl smiles at him, then looks back down) Can I ask you another one?

    Boy: Go ahead.

    (Girl looks at boy) Do you like me?

    Boy: Of course.

    Girl: I mean like really, really like me.

    Boy: Oh, well no.

    (Girl looks down again) Oh, I see.

    Boy: I love you.

    (Boy gets closer, tilts her head so she could see him) Do you love me?

    (Girl smiles) Yes, I do.

    (Boy and girl holds hands)

    (Minutes past and Boy lets go)

    (Girl looks at him while he took his jacket off)

    (Girl looks confused) What are you doing?

    (Boy puts jacket on her) Putting my jacket on you.

    Girl: Why?

    (Boy adjust jacket) You look cold.

    (Girl shoves jacket off) I never said I was cold, now did I?

    (Boy kneels down) No, but....

    (Girl stands up, looks at boy) I never asked for your jacket. (Girl yells) I never asked if I could wear it! So get back to your spot before I push you down that water!

    (Boy hurries back to his spot)

    (Girl sits back down, smiles really big and bright, and looks at boy) So, what's up?