• “Masha”

    I pushed my way through the crowd. I needed to see him… just once more. He was beautiful…jet black hair and suffocating blue eyes… and amazing, perfect features, like his face was carved by an angel. Just thinking about him, the boy they called Masha, strangled my heart so it seemed to stop. Who couldn’t love him? And there he was, playing his acoustic guitar on stage, his harmonistic voice ringing out. It seemed to echo off the walls, sending my thoughts flying. My heart began to beat faster, until it felt as though it was bursting through my chest.
    “Come on, Maybel!!” Anna called, after spotting me watching Masha.
    Oh, god was he so gorgeous, I didn’t want to leave. All of a sudden, his blue eyes, those wonderful, amazing blue eyes, left his guitar, and looked straight into my direction…
    I almost fell over backward.
    Just then, Anna grabbed me by my wrist, and pulled me toward the car. I was still dazed when she yanked me into it.
    “Snap out of it Maybel.” She said, shaking me.
    “Hmm?” I answered dreamily.
    “Oh, forget it…” Anna replied, sighing.

    The next morning, I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on my white tee shirt and my red mini skirt, got ready in the bathroom, and rushed down the stairs. Right before catching the bus, I grabbed my red plaid jacket.

    As I hurriedly stepped up the stairs, and into the isle, I froze. There he was. Masha was looking right at me. My heart thumped.
    “Over here Maybel!” he called.
    I wondered if I really heard that or was I imaging it? He called for me again.
    “Hey, Maybel, sit with me!” He moved over in his seat. I hesitated.
    What would I do? What would I say?
    I couldn’t even look at him with out being speechless.
    Slowly, I made my way toward him. The bus started moving again.
    I tripped, fell, and landed in his arms, my face burned bright red. Curse my fair skin.
    Masha laughed and helped me up. He slid over, and patted the seat. I sat down. His leg brushed mine. I shivered. He stole a glance at me, then smiled, and looked away. My face went even redder. I could feel it.
    Oh god…I’m making a fool of myself…I thought.
    Masha’s hand slid over mine. He was nervous, I could tell. His hand was shaking.
    But, I thought, Masha is never nervous… not even on stage….
    The bus stopped at the school, and we got off, my mind racing.

    The school bell rang. I hopped down the brick stairs, in a positive mood. As I reached the bottom, a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me behind the bushes beside the stairway.
    Looking into my dark brown eyes was the boy with the black hair and blue eyes.
    It was unmistakable. It was Masha.
    He stared hard, yet lovingly into my eyes. My heart stopped.
    “I-I don’t know how to s-say this…” Masha was stuttering.
    Masha never stuttered.
    And, quietly, silently, he leaned in… and kissed me without a sound.
    “I-I love you, Maybel…” He whispered.

    And that moment, was one to last a lifetime.