• The night is full of mystery. Even when the full moon shines its brightest, secrets are coveted everywhere. Then, the sun rises, and it's rays cast so many shadows that the day creates more illusions than all the veiled truth hidden through the night.

    As the sun rises, so do Alisia's eyelids, revealing and releasing her own bright yellow orbs; joining, mingling, and mixing with the carelessly discarded colors cast off from the unrelenting sun. Blankly, Alisia's little suns stare up at her dull gray revolving fan, slowly spinning round and round.

    'What a meaningless existence' Alisia thought coldly while continuing to stare apathetically upwards. 'Doing the same thing day after day for all eternity. What a sad live, living in a circle forever. I pity you, Mr. Fan.' She continued on in thought.

    When she was certain that the fan wasn't going to respond, painstakingly Alisia slowly pulled herself into a sitting position, resembling a vampire raising from it's coffin in old horror films. Without moving her head, she swiveled her eyes from side to side, as though searching for something in her drab, empty attic room. Sitting there, her eyes continued revolving for some time, staring deep into the shadows that were mercilessly pushed into the corners by the unrelenting sunlight streaming in through her single, glassless window.

    Alisia stood from her old, moth eaten and weather deranged bed, rising to her full four foot eight, with her long snow white and electric blue hair falling across her face. Taking a deep breath of fresh spring air, she lazily stretched her arms above her head, feeling the morning thirst grip and wrap itself around the inside of her parched stomach. After slowly letting her arms drop back to her sides, she turned her full attention to the unforgiving thirst deep in her gut and the high pitched chirp of morning birds flying past her window.

    Unconsciously, Alisia found herself moving forward through her loop; completing her circle. She felt every step bring her closer and closer to the dazzling light ahead. Arriving at the window sill, Alisia let out a long ragged breath and leaned her body out of the average aperture, placing all her weight on the old, cracking window pane. There - most of her body hanging above the distant street far bellow, that seemed like some remote world - Alisia's eyes locked on a single pigeon floating past.

    Staring at the large, plump bird, Alisia let out a low, long whistle, never taking her eyes off the creature. The pigeon almost seemed to stop in midair, its head twisting around to stare back into Alisia's yellow eyes for what seemed like an unbelievably long instant before it abruptly changed direction in mid-air.

    Flying towards Alisia, the plump bird moved mechanically, almost as though not certain of what it was doing or where it was going, its eyes just staring transfixed into Alisia's hungry yellow orbs. When it was close enough, Alisia reached out and snatched it from the air with one inhumanly quick movement. Instantaneously she had the bird to her lips, it's head cocked oddly to the side due to a snapped neck, and blood pouring into her mouth.

    Alisia stood there in the morning sunlight, reveling the iron tang of the red liquid as it fell on her lips and tongue. After she had sucked every last drop from the creatures veins, she let it drop from her hands to plummet unwanted to the far distant street bellow. Pulling her self back into the bland room, she let herself fall into a sitting position right beneath the window, licking left over blood off her lip, tears welling in her eyes.

    “The same thing...day after day...for all eternity...” She said quietly, drawing her knees to her chest and letting her forehead fall onto her knees, tears leaking onto her torn stockings.