• Human Reintroduction Project HRP

    Made Friday January 9th 2009

    Fifty years have past since the last Eva finally chose to let the human race live. My grandfather left me with this world. He told me to make this place a home for myself and my family. He didn't know it would be so hard. He may have but, I don't know anymore. Only he and his Eva will ever know that.

    When I woke twenty years ago, I had not known that my mother and father had worked till they died to find the rest of the remaining population and made a new town for us to live in. The town liked us but resented us. The only time I saw my family alive was when they died in there bed. They died the day I awoke from my cage. My cage.... that horrid place. My cage was in my fathers machine... in his Eva. I awoke to its glare at my fathers little town. I resent my father for this, bringing me into this world in his abomination. Mayu.... my only living relative now...my only sibling... lies in bed due to the red plague that still haunts this world.

    My hands had been though so many deaths due to this plague and now I wish that I could go too. Sadly my father was able to make me into the only person who could live with this plague. Dam you father, dam you to hell and back.

    .................... .................... .................... .................... ....................

    Fifteen years passed as my job as gravedigger and reverend continued. I had been glad for the times that my sister was not on that wagon being hauled through town. Sadly on the time of the date of this worlds rebirth, my sister died. I carried her out to the family grave that I had made near my fathers now fossilized Eva. Your plague father..... your plague has killed all but one of your own family. At the age of 40 my family had now died or had been killed by his plague.

    Life has been hard to deal with now, but there is still hope. We as a community have learned that every child that is exposed to it at birth, is immune to the plague. When we first learned of that, we rejoiced as many of our women went in search of suitable men to help harbor a better community. There efforts were futile except for a few that had not died due to the plague. Let this be a lesson to all of us who are limited to life. “Spend freely your time when not huddled in you house away from the plague but do not give your seed freely cause not all will survive.”

    Our leader died a day after he said that.... he was the oldest of us all, a noble man. I wept in sorrow when we laid him in our earth. Lest this be a sin against all forms of live that live in this horrid world. Give all to those you care cause they will not be there when you die.