• Once upon a Klaxoid, there was an alien girl on her home planet. Though, keep in mind, she was not just any alien girl, she was a princess. Her name was Dom-ette, she was the prettiest Klaxan on her home planet of Klaxor. She had the brightest glowing green eyes, the cutest pointed ears, and the fairest brilliant blue skin of any female of her kind. That day, she was playing with her friends at the nearby Particle Accelerator amusement park. They were all riding the main attraction, a huge water slide, except for Dom-ette of course.
    Dom-ette was above such trivialities, and she certainly did not like waiting in lines.

    After her friends had gotten in line for the ride, again, Dom-ette decided to find a place where she could amuse herself, and not have to wait in any lines with commoners. So, she closed her eyes, and activated the chip in her brain, which called her Father, the King. Dom-ette convinced her father to erect, and buy, a newer, better amusement park for her. He said it would be a private park for whomever she allowed in only. Thereafter, at his daughter’s wishes, the King put off his royal duties for a few Klaxons, about two Earth minutes, and searched the Klaxornet for a designer to build Dom-ette's park.
    The designer the King hires for the job is a Klaxan named Señor Blubbers. He is relatively new to the designing field, but, as all the other designers have mysteriously vanished, he is the King’s only option.

    Without dithering, Señor Blubbers begins work on the new amusement park with vigor. The short man is seen hollering orders in a reedy and monotone voice. To onlookers, when Señor B. isn’t yelling at someone, or muttering crazily to himself, he is either dead, or in an EXCEPTIONALLY deep sleep. After about a month of planning, Señor was finally ready to build: all the flexi-matter spheres were set, the electron charges were planted, and all that remained was for him to hit the button.

    Though the Señor was unaware of it, due to the shortages for properly trained designers, the only ones available to set the charges and arrange all the connections were the Señor himself, and a young student named Kawko. Now Kawko wasn’t chosen for the job because of his abilities, if there hadn’t been a shortage, he wouldn’t have even been in school, he would still be at the Particle Accelerator park, cleaning up puke at the exit of the water slide. Therefore, needless to say, mistakes were made and some of the Spheres were not programmed exactly to the Señor’s specifications.

    When the building date finally came along, Dom-ette herself sat waiting at the Señor’s side. The Señor had declared it a punishable offence for anyone but Dom-ette to be the first to ride any of the rides, and this was just fine with Dom-ette.
    So, without further dawdling, dallying, moseying, putting off, or procrastination, the button was pushed. The charges went off, and the matter inside the spheres was bent in to its pre-programmed form and assembled, all in one easy step.

    Dom-ette , the King, and Señor Blubbers rejoiced at the creation of the park, and Dom-ette was escorted down to the first ride. One of the Señor’s original designs; Luxury Bumper Cars. Each car came with suede seats, a faultless sound system, and a personalize-able, brain-chip receiving radio. Dom-ette’s eyes brightened, and her ears perked up at the thought of riding in one of these Bumper cars. She jumped in, and immediately started fiddling with the controls, adjusting everything to her taste. Promptly, she initiated the ride and began slamming into other cars. Too absorbed to notice anything, Dom-ette continued driving while every car she collided with formed a pack and followed her stealthily. However, eventually, she ran out of cars to hit, and was forced to pay attention to the menacing sight surrounding her.

    Señor B. however, was in one of his deep sleeps, but because he wasn’t in anyone’s way, he was just left on the floor of the Park control center. Unseen by anyone though, a small figure climbed out of a very exceptional trap door in Señor B’s head. If anyone had been paying any attention at that moment, he of she would have noticed that this figure was Flergian. Now, Klaxan-Flergian tensions had been high ever since Dom-ette had refused a marriage proposal from their prince, Ambleex, and the Flergians had spent most of their time since then devising a suitable plan to wreak their revenge on the princess.

    Not to blame Dom-ette totally of course, Flergians were some of the most hostile beings in their area. Known for being short tempered, and destructive when they don’t get their way Flergians were the major cause of most conflicts.

    As some of you have probably surmised, this does not leave the princess in a very good position. Surrounded by hostile luxury vehicles and with no one to stand in the way of the Flergian plan, except of course Kawko.
    Working hard, Kawko enters the control room and sees not only the security Kamra feeds of the princess in danger, but also the empty Klaxan suit. Just because he is no good at engineering, does not make him dumb, though.

    Kawko quickly deduces what is going on, and hits the shut down button for the ride, but to no avail. E-beak, for that was the Flergian assassin’s name, had already programmed the shutdown button to malfunction. Kawko panics, and begins pressing the shutdown buttons for EVRY ride in the park. And, at last! The second to last button, the one that should shut down the kiddie-swing, sends the signal that disables all the bumper cars.By pure dumb luck, the princess is saved.

    Not only that, E-beak is captured by Kawko on his way down to the bumper car ride to see Dom-ette. After being put on trial for the attempted roughing up of Princess Dom-ette, E-beak is sentenced to do Kawko’s old job! Humiliated, and dejected, the Flergians give up and sulk.

    Though where, you might ask, does this leave Kawko? He’s obviously no good at engineering, and he now has no job to fall back onto. Not to worry, hearing of his heroism, Dom-ette decides to marry Kawko, which means a princely life for him from now, until forever. And so, E-beak contained, the Prince and Princess live happily ever after, until the end of their Klaxarans.