• There he was, standing right there, in front of me, but held back by a invisible wall. I tryed to reach him, but i couldn't. My arms tried to break the wall by punching, it, but only to leave scratches on my hands. "ari" he spoke. I cried softly to try to hear his angelic voice. "don't cry" he said reaching out to me. I tried to grab his hands, but the wall was still there. He smiled and said my name again. "ari, please, don't cry". I wiped the tears from my cheeks. "okay" i answered. I walked to the wall and leaned against it. "okay, i won't"

    He walked to the wall and put his hands where mine where on the other side of the wall. I wanted to break him free, to see his smile, to feel the warmth of his hug. Then it became silent. Only to hear our breaths.

    Suddenly, the wall collapsed, pushing me back several feet. I closed my eyes, so i didn't get dust in them. When i opened my eyes. There was ruble, but, he was gone. I ran to the pile of dust, and ruble, desperetly digging to find him. I started crying again. "no" i cried out. "NO!" i fell on my knees. Hopless. I cried my heart out, i wanted to see him, but i couldn't he was gone, and i couldn't see him. I loved him.

    "NOOOOO!!!!"I screamed sitting up. I gasped for breath and looked around. It was a dream. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. I wiped them off and got out of bed.

    It was a dream.I walked to my dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and jeans, typical outfit. I slipped on my clothes and put my hair in a ponytail. I sighed, grabbed my bookbag and walked out the door. I could still feel the pain in my heart, from the realistic-dream. I was so sure that he was gone, but yet i wasn't. I walked to the bus stop to see my neighbor's where already there, waiting. I smiled and looked down the road. "mornin'" Alex said leaning against his car. "yeah" i replied, looking at him. He raised and eyebrow at my face."you look tired---where, where you CRYING?" he asked, starting to laugh. "no!" i replied. His face appeared in my head. I shook it out. "no i wasn't, i'm just tired, why does it matter to you nona?" i asked. I called Alex, Nona, That was his last name Alex Nona. It was my signiture thing.

    He turned his head to look down the road to look for the bus.

    Here it came.

    The bus climbed to a screeching stop and we walked on, i slid into an empty seat in the back, and put in my headphones. As the bus moved, i watched out the window, thinking of the dream. The music blasting in my ears. Did it mean something? What would happen to him, and who was he? As the day proggressed, i kept thinking of the dream and him, constantly ignoring my friends.

    My name is Arianna. I live in Pittsboro, and something strange is starting to go on. This Dream ment nothing to me, so why should i be thinking about it? i shouldn't! but i am! He kept appearing, and everytime, he did, my heart skipped a beat. I....I love him! I ran to the computer and turned it on when i got home. I was absolutly sure i knew who it was.