• I could never, in Arthur Dent's words, "Get a hang of Thursdays."

    Such an odd day; like a Tuesday only at the tail-end of the week. You're half expecting your teachers to say 'Have a nice weekend!', but they don't, and you're left with the feeling that you've forgotten something.

    Not to say that all Thursdays are bad, just that they're strange, misplaced days. Personally, I mostly enjoy them. But it depends on my mood, and for whatever reason, my mood is at it's thickest or thinnest on those days.

    Some Thursdays I can be as flightly and lighthearted as a butterfly wafting lazily through a summer pasture. Other Thursdays I am as intense as a hunted rabbit, on edge and ready to snap or flit away at the slightest movement. Then there are the Thursdays that I feel as sad as a woebegone, bedraggled sparrow perched on a rain-washed fence.

    But whether I was a sparrow, a rabbit or a butterfly, a Thursday is a Thursday and still a day that we must live through.