• Chapter 3: Suicide attempt on the roof?!

    The monster in front of me grabbed my arm. I couldn’t stop myself from screaming.

    I started to kick, trying to hurt a vital point.

    “Lyz! Calm down! Wake up!!” Again the familiar voice called out to me, but to me I could only hear hissing and growling.

    Then I snapped.

    My eyes narrowed, a low growl rippling throughout my chest.

    I froze.

    I just…growled.

    “Lyz! It’s me KUYA!”

    Once he blurted out his name everything seemed to stop.

    Slowly the ashes around suddenly started disappearing into thin air. My heart started to calm down.

    My vision started to come back to me.

    I was staring hard at a tallish guy with brownish golden hair. His green hazel eyes were staring intently down at me.

    “Lyz. Do you know who I am?” Ikuya gripped my shoulders; his voice cracked a bit, revealing a nervous edge.

    “…umm…Kuya?” I answered, lifting one eyebrow, blinking in surprise, but my body was still shaking in fear.

    He sighed in relief, releasing his hold on me.

    “What are you doing here, Kuya?” I asked.

    His expression was amused, and then he looked down at me, seeing my confused expression. There was an are-you-serious expression on his face now.

    “What?” I simply blurted out.

    “You seriously don’t know?” His face still an are-you-serious expression.

    “Why are you in my bedroom?!" I stood up straight, suddenly remembering.

    “…Umm… We’re not in your bedroom, Lyz. We’re on top of the school’s roof.” The words casually slipped out of his mouth as if he were saying, "Oh. The sky is blue."

    I laughed at that. “What are you talking about? I’m still at home an-”

    Ikuya sighed deeply, reaching out to grab my shoulders again, turning me around, letting me see what he was talking about.

    I gasped out.
    I WAS on top of the school’s roof and well… I was right on the edge of the roof, and apparently it looked like I was committing suicide or something. If it wasn't for the rail around the edges of the roof then I would have tripped clumsily and fell long ago.

    “Um… Why am I on top of the school’s roof?” I nervously asked, a bit afraid of the answer.

    “Umm… Actually… I was kind of wondering if you would answer that yourself…” Ikuya laughed nervously.

    “And do you know what? I think getting away from the edge of the roof would be a delighted idea!”

    I snuck another look down the roof. Where cars were driving in and out, dropping their kids off at the school. I sucked in a mouthful of breathe. “Yea… I think we SHOULD go.”

    Ikuya grinned, “For once you ACTUALLY listen for a change!”

    “Oh, shut up!” I stuck my tongue at him, spotting the stairs to go down the roof.

    Umm… How did you find out I was on top of the roof?” I turned around, meeting Ikuya’s gaze at me. At first he look stunned then his eyes drifted toward the leaf that fell on top of me head, an excuse to look away.

    “Umm…a feeling? Something like a sixth sense? A troubling feeling?” He picked up the leaf off the strand of my hair.

    “Mmm… I see…” going down a few more steps of the stairs, feeling the cool stone stairs. I froze. I wasn’t wearing any shoes at all.

    Ikuya noticed my hesitation of going down the stairs.

    “Oh! I thought you knew! You were barefoot and wearing pajamas! It’s only 6:30 right now.
    So I was wondering why you would even bother showing up at school in your school uniform and you were…well... I saw just standing up on the school’s roof and looking as if you would jump off any second and when I called out your name… well... you looked like you wanted to kill me or something… Plus! You are supposed to be in bed and drooling right now!” Ikuya grinned, quickly avoiding the part where he said that I wanted to kill him.

    I gaped at him, staring hard at him my mouth hanging out open like a dog, but all he did was return a stupid grin at me.

    “You!... I tried to k-” I started, but cutting cut off by Ikuya.

    “Oh look at the time! It’s 6:35 now! Dr. Hakushi just came in his office just a while ago, asking for where you were, because since he didn’t see you in the morning he thought you went to school already, but to me? I don’t think that you’re that capable of waking up that early!” Ikuya gave me that teasing smirk again, with a smug look on his face.

    I stuck my tongue at him again, running down the stairs, ignoring him.

    what’s with him today? He’s not usual avoiding my questions…

    I stopped, looking around to see if anyone was there to see me in my pajamas and that the coast of clear.

    Okay. No witnesses.

    “I’ll see if Dr. Hakushi has anything for me to wear.” I jerked my head backwards, hollering at Ikuya, knowing that he would hear me no matter how far he was behind, laughing his head off.

    Anything is better than my pajamas, that’s for sure.

    ~To be Continued~