• "Lorelle hurry up you'll miss the train!" my mother shouted from down stairs, moving across the room i shouted back, "I'm coming I'm just double-checking my stuff."

    no answer came back from my mom, so i continued packing. today I'm going to my new school, a boarding school, none of my other friends from middle school are going to be there. at least not that i know of. our school, during the last quarter, has high school principals come and pick out the students who would be best qualified for their school.

    once they find someone who fits, they send them a letter with brief descriptions of their own school and all the necessary items we would need. i ended up being sent to Malory high school, by the way we have no choice but to accept the requests. the brochure didn't say much at all.

    i zipped up my suit case and started to drag it downstairs along with my carry on bag. once i got down my father grabbed my bags and put them in the car while my mom got ready to lock up the house.

    "get into the car, we need to get to the station" my mom ushered. we all got into my fathers van and drove to the station.

    it wasn't a long drive, actually it only took 15 minutes. while we were driving my mom explained to me about my school account they set up for me to use at school. "everyone in the family have been putting money into it for you, so you should have enough for a few years. but just in case we will still be sending money to y-."

    My dad interrupted her "honey you've said it more than a million times now, give it a rest" my mother gave him a scornful look. "im just making sure she remembers everything."

    my father was about to reply we he suddenly slammed onto the brakes. i immediately grabbed onto the seat and i saw a dark flash crossing to the other side of the street.

    "charels!" my mom shouted. "what are you doing?" my father looked stunned "i saw something pass in front of the car"

    "there wasn't anything there'' mom said obviously pissed off at the surprise. mom hates those kind of things. i was still scared from the stop so i didn't say anything. the dark thing looked like a person, actually now that i think about it, it looked like a whole group of people.

    i was so wrapped up in my thoughts that i didn't notice the car had started moving. and in no time i heard my mom say that we were at the station. we started to the stations counter and my dad asked the attendant about the platform i was to leave at. after a while, my father said that i will have to follow a woman that would lead me to the platform and that i have to go alone.

    i was surprised to hear that and apparently so were my parents. so to my mothers discomfort we all hugged and said our goodbyes by the time we had finished the woman who would be leading me to the platform grabbed my stuff and told me to follow her

    i waved to my parents one last time and went to catch up to the woman.

    so here i was following a strange woman to, the school train platform, to a weird strange school that i knew nothing about. why the heck couldn't i have gone to e regular high school like all my other friends, would i really survive in my new life?