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    Begining of the mind~

    Tears fell from Rose's eyes, like beating drums on the grassey plain below. Cyndric, the love of her life she thought, rested in another's arms, Rose had never even thought of him betraying her in this manner. Cyndric glared to Rose, the white flames engulfing the bobwire around Roses neck, that trailed to her ankles digging into her skin. Rose's body had been beaten and wore out ,the sea splashing in a rageing roar below the earth's ledge; She was Given out,her body being sucked of everything it once had, now herself not able to move from the bob wire digging into her , the pit seemed to swallow her. Rose couldnt believe it, But be damned if she would let Cyndric and that girl take her life! Rose's growl shook the forest as she fell from the tree the flames now burning into her white blood soaked skin. "I Refuse to let her take you from me" Rose gasped for air, and more air , Her immortal heart at its breaking point. Her mind now focuseing on the cold hearted truth , dwelling within her, eating her like the flames around her. Cyndric was allready takeing a run for it, with his new found Soul Lady. . .
    Rose's eyes grew in rage, her body's last bit of power urgeing her on. She had drug herself to the edge of the clift, "Damn this Place, and this world! No one will know, of me ever existing anymore!" With those last words, she shoved herself over the edge of the torn earth, into the hungrey sea, She hit the water . Her body Acheing the salt grinding at her draining her completely. The sea tore flesh and bits from her, her body almost bare she could feel the needles of the sea against her exposed chest and thighs. She knew her Immortality would surely keep her allive, till she kept dieing and dieing, till the last bit of left in her was gone.

    Remembering ~

    A Lad walked to that same edge, stumbleing upon the bright white staff and other small trinkits, that looked to be dear to someone. His eyes froze in horror, seeing the Lady of white skinned, laying inside a Crystal frozen in place , the sea rested around her . He jumped from the ledge , standing ontop of the sea the waves calm now. His hand touched the glass crystal, it was so cold to the warmth of his soft hands. He could see the silver tear frozen on her pale face, another dieing in her cherry pale lips. Her lashes long and her Silver hair of curls Floating into the water trapped into the misfit sea coffin.
    He lifted his hand, softly from the stomach of the coffin, Rose's body was torn . Slash marks rested in her skin, her hair floating like straw, the sea had took a tole on her lost body. He had mannaged to pry his nails through the coffin , his red and orange hair down to his thighs, his tux of gorey red, rested under a large cloak, 'randy' stitched along the neck of it. His eyes was shimmer baby blue, the coffn began to crack the crystals starting to shatter. Braceing himself , he added force, the crystal fully shattered. The girl,Rose's body, he was about to believe she was porcolien. Her cold skin pressed to his arms, he couldnt believe she was real! He gasped seeing the lady draw her hand to his chest her nails squeezing there so weekly. Her lips opened sucking in air, her lugs finally filling up with the rechid sweet wind. Rose tryed to open her eyes, but the salt had drew out all that ability. His heart pounded in her ear, as her wet rags, and pierced bobwire body lay limp but steady, his grasp so safe it felt to Rose.
    Rose awoken, her skin bare, yet she smelled warmed hot erb tea near by. She rolled over, underneath the cool satin blanket. Her face felt so hot, her body sun burned, and raw from the sea. It hurt even to breath, her lungs even hurt she thought. "Alas you have Awoken, Pretty one" She couldnt speak, but she heard the softness in his voice, Something she had always longed for. Her eyes, she slowly opened , it stung, and everything was blurred out. The man's outline of himself, was sharp to her, she admired it greatly. Herself admirering this kindness even more, to much. She was so tired still, she passed out trying to raise herself to her knees.
    She awoken once more, hours or so later it felt, her body stung she opened her eyes seeing clearly , or well more clearly;Everything still had a small blurr."Going to pass out on me again?" She shook her head, this time she had enough energy in her to stay awake, her feet brushed the ground. Her eyes being able to feast upon her surroundings, Everything was a royal red, even the small tiger that rested to his hand had red stripes. The man stood, as he bowed. "I am Randy, you are?" his voice was curious. She held a dagger all of a sudden and lurched ontop of him, holding it to his throat . In A Weak shakey Voice she said "Priestess killer, is your title and Black Knight" . . .


    Wicked Me~

    "Yes, but that was then , this now" He spoke awkwardly,She breathed lightly, the dagger she dropped as her body gave way backwards hitting the floor hard. His arms wrapped lightly around her, kissing her forhead Himself laying her to the bed once more."Lady, You are makeing me lose Insanity" His words were of a whisper. "Aye, Laddie. . . You should of left me to die" . . .Her voice was Horse. He lifted her up, Makeng her sip the Kettle Tea. . .
    Her body arched forward, seeing the 'Randy' he stood with the eye drop bottle , placeing the last of it in her righ eye. It felt clinsing after it stayed for a moment, she began to see even better. She saw the steaming bath. "Lady, There is a bath waiting for you with Some butter milk in it. It shall help ease you, and there is some Conditionar to sooth your strawed out hair. If you need anything else, Tell one of the ladies Roaming around". Rose nodded standing her skin bare, she walked into the Pale bathroom. she could see even more, everything was Either Gold , Silver, or even Marble. Her foot touched the butter milk, "Mmmmm..." She slipped in, ducking her head under. With a dreadful look on her face, she felt the strawey hair.She globbed conditionar into her hair, trying her best to get the strawy texture out. After a few hours ,soaking herself. She stood drying off with the towel to her right as she stepped out, A Large white silky robe lay over the door. Knowing how nice it would feel, she snatced it down , slideing her arms into it she tied it. Aye it looked surely to big on her, but the coolness felt good to her burnt cooling skin. Her feet placed firmly to the marble floor, she walked out. A Small soup bowl,warm roll,tea, and what looked to be a small piece of "Chocolatte"? . .
    Rose gorged herself, to fast unfortanatly. A moment after she had sat back, the food hit her gut. She groaned feeling, as though she would upchuck the entire plate."Ahhh,Now lady you were'nt suppose to go and make yourself even worse now Lady!" . She glanced up to him, her eyes going to whiteish pale. She smiled yet frowned to the man before. " Randy was it, lad?" " Yes Lady" " Aye then, I am Rose. Queen Rose Idiar. . . " She looked down, " I dont enjoy this kindness you show to me , you know? " Randy's eyes was curiously looking up and down her, he shook his head. " I'm not use to it Randy, After all this hell i have been through, Damn it why didnt you just leave me!?" her voice, sounded furious , tears stinging down her cheeks. " Lady I'd do this for a Mange wolf aswell. So don't think its special treatment. You really do need to learn to respect one" "Aye i do respect quite alot . . ." herself trailed off as she stood, She began to walk out of the room. Randy curious, he began to follow rose. As she steped outside, the grass seemed to sooth her feet, Feeling this "randy's" eyes pierce on her back. She smiled, feeling more calm,her hand stretched out a rose forming there she droped it before his feet. "That will tell you everything, that has happened to me, Everything you have going through that head of yours." He picked it up, his eyes trailed into the rose, seeing the white flames engulfing her , and a man holding onto a women, with a nasety snare. His eyes begin to tear up as he fell to his knee's," Lady Rose, this man i shall kill!" "Sire, Angel that man, is surely dead by now. He was'nt Immortal, he was... was... Mortal. His wife on the other hand No." Randy's eyes, looked up to her as the rose burst his hands stuck in the holding position. She kneeled before him, her eyes trailing into his her lips brushed his handsome face. Oh she was so glad to finally feel as though she maybe cared for. Yet he backed off, his cheeks in this burning red color? . . " Angel are you allright , child?" he growled to the 'Child' word. " Aye, i am fine. but im no child, and i have an offer for you Lady Rose" . "which may be , what" her voice sounded curious."I need a mistress, and you seem perfect, lady ill do everything you want. Rose, please?" her eyes trailed up and down him, un aware of what to say. "Sure, Angel i suppose so" He smiled brightly. His hand gracefully laying in hers, he tugged her along, a silk long dress apearing over her robe as the robe, melted away."Randy, where might we be going, M'pet?" "to A place you may like" Her eyes blinked, as they reached a waterfall. Unexcpectedly, You could tell in Randy's eyes something was wrong, "Someone's here Randy" he shook his head, eyeing behind her. A Man, stood licking his lips, he was transed in A blood Rage." Mmmmm Fresh,Immortaliy's!" he groaned out the words as he Lurched ontop of them Randy drawing his sword.. . ..


    Calliber, and A new beging of Fights.

    (To be continued)