• Some say The Old Hooten House is haunted, Others think it's a myth, I’m here to find out if it is or isn’t. Hello my name is Emily J. Smith, and I'm a ghost hunter.
    "Emily come down for breakfast" a woman shouted, That’s my mom."Coming" I replied. “what are we having" I asked has I sat down to take my my seat at the table."Bacon,eggs, and pancackes." she replied."Oh and this came for you today in the mail" she spoke once more. Before me was a yellow envelope, and it read.
    "Dear Emily,
    we beileve that The Old Hoooten House is haunted but we ar not sure,we need you to check it out.
    your friends
    The G.H.H (the gohst hunters headquaters)

    Wow I thought to myself a mystiery."mom this letter is from The G.H.H" i exclaimed."So you are going to be late for lunch?" she asked. "Yes" I replyed. "Well take a lunch with you " she demanded."ok"I replyed once more.
    I went to my closet in my room and got out a olive green duffle bag,that was my gohst hunter travling bag as I called it.I put all of my tool and gadgets in it.I took out check list out of the front pocket, and read.
    1. flash light
    2. hard hat
    3. garlic (to ward of vampiers)
    4. my lunch
    5. my jounal
    6. compas
    7. camra
    After I read my check list i gathered every thing on it. Next I got on my blue jeans, and my bobby jack t-shirt,and my nike tinyshoes.I was finaly ready to do my mission.
    "Mom i'll be back befor dinner." I a sured."ok" she replyed.Then I was on my way out the door.
    When I arrived to The Old Hooten House I was amazed at what it looked like, it looked like a regular Victorian house …. Well exept that it had cobwebs.broken door,and the fence was half off. When I got to the door it swung open,I was used to it you know beeing a gohst hunter so it didn’t scare me.
    As I made my way throught the house I found my self at a door ,I pushed it open.I saw befor me a bloody puddle. I was realy freaked out at that point, I went further in the house and heard a high pitched scream when I opend the door on my right. There I saw a small baby parot on the floor in a cage and that what was making the noises heard by the residants near by.