• Okami-chan and Inu-chan Ad. 1:Intro

    Okami(O):Konnichiwa! I am Wolf!
    Inu(I):-pushes O-chan aside- I am Dog!
    O:Hey! -comes back- >:/
    I:Well it's ladies first O-chan!
    O:Well, my bad.
    I:O-chan and I are known as Sticky Paws Inc.
    O:Because we often find ourselves in sticky situations.
    I:Let's start the story already! I'm getting bored.
    O:But I wanna stay on the stage a little bit longer! I love being a star! -poses-
    I:-laughs- You are not a model O-chan. Anyways I don't think they let male wolves even tryout to be animal models.
    O:Well, that is just discrimination of males!
    I:Let's just start the story already.
    -O stomps off muttering about discrimination and I stares after-
    I:O-chan! We have to say bye!
    (O comes back)
    Both:Bye everyone!
    -both exit-