• my dream cat is like an ailean
    its has 2 legs and 2 arms
    it stands on its hind legs and walks and talks
    it has fur tho
    its has 2 long black tais and 2 lovely hypnoptising eyes
    its can shrink
    it can always thinks
    it purs it meows it even growels
    it sleeps it eats and it reads
    it is infact a girl
    but acts liike a dude
    it runs faster than my brother
    and dose not yell like my mother
    it is soft but can be roughf
    its a lovely vampire to
    it swims and flys and can evenm pretend
    it acts like a dog
    not like a hog
    it speaks and it has any coler that u can think
    its tiny at night but tall as a wall when u think it is not all.........
    it will b anything else that u think it should be
    as long as you can belive
    this cat i spaeck of is not like any other
    and no it is not wrinkly like a grand mother
    it has its flaws and verry sharp claws
    but it will always b my dream cat
    it will ask you questions like do u have a cat?
    my dream cat has a dream cat but who knows, will it b like me?
    the end emo emo 4laugh burning_eyes burning_eyes emo