• I watched as flowing crimson red blood flow down into a pool. My friend would always give up his life for mine. All I ever did was watch in the background. Pathetic, isn’t it? I felt useless, like a burden in his life. I ran to his side and watch blood flood the ground. His always happy eyes were dull and half open. His hands were limp and cold. He was losing a lot of blood and fast! I had to do something quick before he....died. Our killer came towards us and I blocked his attack. I grabbed Nick and ran for my life. The sun started setting and I ran faster.

    All of Nick’s and my friends had been waiting for them. They were both very dear. When dawn met the little village, Christian and Serena went by the gates to greet the two people. Christian had met Nick at the field while playing. They became the best of friends. Serena and I had become friends since birth. We did everything together even though we were a little bit different. I mean she was short and I was tall. The two friends bumped into each other while walking to the gate. They apologized and carried on their way to the gate. A few people joined the two friends. A handful of pedestrian s had passed by and said hi. But none of them had been either of the two people they were looking for. Anxiety had crept over the minds of the friends with what if questions. What if they both died? What if they are struggling in the woods? What if they are injured horribly? What if one person died and the other person is fending off for themselves with no help? These questions ran in their heads like a non-stop recorder. It invaded their dreams and no one could sleep. As days passed by anxiety washed over everyone and the village grew quiet. Rumors went around saying the orphan boy and the Pinole girl ran off to live a separate lives. Some rumors said they went crazy and killed themselves. But the group of friends had faith their friends would come back. But time was running out. All their hope was draining fast. The two friends had been great warriors and wonderful friends. They were inseparable. Nick was happy, hyperactive, caring, and brave. But since he was a hated orphan he was disrespected. No one knew why the adults hate him so much. But some adults took the risk and became quite close to him. Even though Nick was loud and boisterous, he was very caring. Nick would throw away his life for any of his friends, especially Selena. Many people have seen them together as friends, but no one expected Nick to like me, Selena Pinole. I was intelligent, strong, brave, and had a bit of a temper. Selena was bullied since she was three. The reason behind it was a mystery and I would never open up. Nick and I were complete opposites like the moon and sun. Nick was well, clueless and I was not. Nick and I did have a similarity, we were both desperate to have the respect of others. My parents had died when I was seven, and Nick never met his. Since the day I was born people hated me. I had no clue why and gave up trying to find the truth. I was alone with no one to be there for me. Nick was sharing the same fat but he was alone in the beginning to start with. We met at the age of ten and now are best friends. I just recently found out he loved me. I knew he had a crush on me but love me was extreme. I have not said anything yet. But now I think it s too late.

    I set down Nick’s body gently in the cave we stayed in. It started to rain hard and the wind was blowing like there was no tomorrow. Even though Nick was scarred, he looked peaceful. It was one of the many things I have rarely seen. Since i have met him he always put up a fake smile.

    But his sparkling brown eyes gave it all away. All the pain, hurt, and suffering in those light, giddy eyes. I also felt the pain he has. But he was luckier; he knew who his parents were and why they died. I, I didn’t know a thing. Nothing. Not even their names. I just can’t help but feel jealous towards other kids with parents. They say it’s a pain to have parents nagging at them, but I would be grateful. I left Nick to gather food and water but I left a note.
    I went out to gather foods fruits and veggies for well, food. Don’t leave! I’ll be back soon.
    I ran around the forest aimlessly looking for fruits or vegetables or both. It was pointless I began to think I was walking around in circles. The sun was now right above the sky shining bright. I sighed I started walking slowly back to the cave. There was only one problem, I was lost! I started panicking when clouds started covering the sun. It was an indication of an extreme thunder/lighting storm. I started running when I felt the first droplets spill down and splatter on my hair. I was now lost, wet, tired, and a little bit irritated. I wanted to crawl into my warm house and sleep in big blankets for an eternity. But I didn’t give up.
    But what was the weird part is the rain stopped pouring and the sun shown again. It was very peculiar spot of the forest. In fact it was the only spot in the forest that wasn’t drowned in rain. Weird. I suddenly realized that the moon would be up any minute and Nick would be waiting for me. Then something hit me, I’m still lost. I sighed and got up. I tried to retrace my steps back to the cave. I felt like I was walking around in circles. The full moon shown bright and the stars were brighter than ever. The stars have never shown this bright before in Wigedrok. The stars were very unnoticeable, but here they were brighter than Manhattans city lights all put together. I then had a flash of my past. See Selena? The stars can show you the way home. This is why we made them. To help…… The memory disappeared stopped. I kept on thinking while I was walking, help what? And who was that person? It sounded really familiar. I put it to the back of my mind. I ran straight ahead following my gut feeling. Just then I bumped in to something that felt like a brick wall. I got up to find a dark shadow figure hovering above me. I looked around helplessly to find an opening to find the moons light. I did not have the slightest idea why I was looking for the moons light, but I was.
    “Come with us princess. You have no light to protect you. The trees over power your power. You have no choice. Join us in the dark the master will make you powerful. More than you are now. The prophecy will fulfill and..”
    The shadow hoarsely whispered. The voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I was looking around but then I shouted.
    “ Mi fuduidn lasugedin mi lightso!!!!!!! Disappear Shifter and tell your master I said no!” I shouted in a strange language. There was a flash and everything was back to normal. I was confused. Orsolet, my magic tutor had never taught me this spell. I contemplated on it for a bit and went on to focusing on getting back to the cave. I looked around there was a small cave. It was not the one I had been in. I went in and saw a mass of tunnels surrounding the walls everywhere. I didn’t know which one to choose. I chose the tunnel to the farthest left. I slowly crept in because it was pitch black.