• tab I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t deserve what happened to him; he was so young. But I was at Michael’s funeral, so I knew what had happened. What shocked me was how many people were there; his family, the priest, Haley, Derik, and I were the only ones.
    tab After the funeral, I had to speak to Derik, and tell him what was on my mind. I found him, looking up at the sky, with his hands in his pockets.
    tab I walked up to him, “Hey.”
    tab He turned around, “Hey.”
    tab “I was thinking,” I took a breath. “I was thinking that-”
    tab “We should wait a while?” Derik interrupted.
    tab “Ya, just until things cool down.”
    tab Derik looked at me, in an understanding way, he agreed, “Ok.”
    tab “So,” I held out my hand. “I guess this is goodbye…”
    tab Derik shook my hand, “Goodbye.”
    tab I couldn’t resist, I hugged him tight, but he didn’t let go.
    tab A tear rolled down my cheek, “Bye…”


    tab Well, the good news is I finished my song:

    You left with no trace, no warning (No…)
    And I used to think you didn’t want to say anything at all to me
    It felt like you didn’t want me to notice you were so far, far away
    You thought I would forget all about you, but you were so wrong

    I cried for you for weeks, but you never came back
    But then I realized life goes on

    You are so far away form here, and I used to miss you so dearly
    But then I moved on, Oh yes I’ve moved on
    I’m not crying over you anymore
    So, goodbye (goodbye) goodbye
    When I was losing hope, my friends were there to comfort me (and they said)
    There are other fish in the sea, so just throw your line (and I did)
    Then you finally came back with tears in your eyes (oh…)
    Too bad I didn’t love you anymore

    You cried for me for weeks, but I never came back
    Because I realized life goes on


    No one’s worth crying over
    Sometime, you’ve got to move on
    I promise you things will be alright
    Just understand why your heart is saying let go

    You left with no trace, no warning…

    (Chorus x2)

    (Goodbye x4)

    I’ve decided to call it…


    The End!!!

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