• My friend and I sit still as we are tearing up and embracing eachother. " I'll miss you " Katy said to me " I'll miss you to " I replied. " And it's not like it's just vacation it's forever. But the sad thing is it's in California not were we are today and I don't know if i'll ever be back." I step back grab my bag and boreded the plane "bye" I shouted as I stepped in." BYE! " She screamed back.

    I took my ticket out of my purse and stared at it puzzled. This can't be right. I got the worst seat on the Plan! I sat down and there was a fat, chuncky, no-mannered guy and his twin-wife sitting beside me. Of coarse, my parents are already in California because they gave me another day to spend with my friend but as I got on the plane I became lonely. The view of below was great and all but I loved my old home. My mom told me " You'll love the rocky shores right outside our house " Ya Ya so we had a dinky little lake near us but my first dog Nikko was buryied there, so it's part of my life.

    I looked down and noticed a small note and i pulled it out of my secret spot of my purse which only my friend knows about. " Dear Selena, I'll miss you never forget me or are handshake because that was special to me and we've had alot of good times together. Sincerly, Katy " Omg! I thought to myself
    she realy does care I thought she'd be laid back about me moving but I think she must be Freaking out about now. Ring! Ring!" Hello " It was my mom she said she can't wait to see me and she has a surprise for me. Oh i never did mention I'm 14 did I well let's get on with it.

    The plane landed and to my surprise I was the last person on the plane except for the stupid fat twin-losers snoring away. The flight attendent asked if I would wake them up but I got off the plane and ignored her instead. Soon afterward I heard her grumble,take that maybe I don't want to wake them up.
    I called my friend and she answered crying I told her to chill out and it was me and she got excited.

    I reached my new home and my mom was right I loved it! It was a beautiful white house with 2 palm trees on each side of the door. My mom came out and greeted me. My aunt Stacey already came to visit and have a sip of tea. Maybe it's not so bad after all!