• Faster! Faster into the wilderness they went. Adrenaline pumping wildly though their veins. Both girls were approaching their target. Closer! Closer! They could almost taste accomplishment until they suddenly stopped… into an open space among the trees. Breathing heavily the girls were cautious, alert from every angle. Thud! A sharp, silver object pierced one of the trees beside one of the girls’ head. It was a dagger with a red ribbon round it and a dull shine. Trouble was brewing as the target wouldn’t go down without a fight. ‘No way in hell I’m going to be beaten by such a lowlife!’

    The girl whom he attacked was called Tsuki; her hair was platinum which shone like the moon of which she was named after. Her eyes were a shocking violet that turned gold if she was angered. She was the daughter of a deceased hunter. She was a fighter, a ruthless force to be reckoned with… a ninja to be exact; A Jounín as her accomplice but a guardian of electricity.

    Her friend on the other hand, had midnight black hair and piercing blue eyes that looked right through you. Sometimes her eyes were a bloodthirsty red like the hellfire of which she controlled. She was a fire guardian as well as being the former princess of a fallen kingdom. She was highly respected by her peers but mostly by Tsuki; who was like a sister to her. Her name was Hana Aiho.

    Their mission was to hunt for a merciless rouge called Yotomaru, who had caused many crimes; he was a criminal; nothing more, nothing less. He caused such thoughtless acts such as theft (to the highest scale of course), mass murder and treason which was just a few of many crimes named. The law would go to any extent to catch him; even to the extent of setting a generous bounty for him, alive or DEAD! The ninja world had its laws too. The pair was ordered to stop him at any cause and dispose of him as they wished even collect the bounty as long as they had proof of his demise. This was not against the law in the ninja world as it was employed by the highest authority; the shadow council.

    Yotomaru had made the first strike. The girls were alert and ready to attack; Tsuki wasn’t going to take this from such a low life, “Come out you b*****d!”
    “Not going to happen, b***h! I’m not going to give up my freedom just yet.”
    “We’ll see ‘bout that!” Hana was growing ever tired of this; she followed Yotomaru’s voice whilst Tsuki was still talking, ‘Tsuki, you distract him and I’ll strike!’
    ‘I gotcha covered!’ “Why are you hiding like such a coward? You know that we’ll catch you sooner or later!” Tsuki kept him distracted whilst Hana continued to make his move.
    “We’ll see about that pet! I’ve had too much fun to stop now!” He was too focused on Tsuki’s voice to notice Hana.

    Hana was already above him; she was standing on a branch above watching Yotomaru’s every move. He kept his concentration on the area where Tsuki was. He was feebly holding another dagger looking quite threatened.

    “You need to be stopped, your life ends here whether you like it or not!”
    “You ******** wish, over my dead body!”
    Hana prepared her sword, “As you wish,” she whispered as she snuck up behind him.
    In shock he spun round trying to stab Hana, which ultimately failed costing him his life. She gave him a cold icy glare and a satisfied smirk as her sword skewered him right through his chest. He dropped his dagger. The blood was dripping from his wound and mouth, he managed to rasp, “Damn,” before falling dead.

    Tsuki ran over to the scene. She checked his pulse, “Yep, he’s definitely dead. He went down so easy it’s actually quite insulting!” She pouted, “And I didn’t even do anything! All I did was talk, next time I’m getting into the action!”
    All Hana could do was smirk, “That’s all good but what the hell are gonna do with him?” She said wiping her sword with the corner of his jacket.
    “Well, I guess we could cash him in for the bounty, but we still need proof that we killed him.”
    Hana took a pack of daggers from inside Yotomaru pocket, “the red ribbon daggers are what he’s known for, and He was a black smith before going mad. These would count as proof but remember that we will be paid for this mission.”
    “Does that mean we won’t be paid by the council if we collect the bounty?”
    “Don’t worry we will but we have to pay the council twenty percent of the bounty.”
    “Aww. Why?!”
    “Rules are rules. Let’s cash him in quickly before any one else sees us!”
    “Can't Argue with that!”