• I awoke between the two roads; it was now that I would have to make my decision. Light or Dark… Vampire or Werewolf…I already knew my decision; it was just how I was getting there that was the difficult part. I looked at the Light and took a step in that direction. Then before I knew it the dream Mitch was in front of me.
    “You know I didn’t mean any of those words!” He said strongly.
    “No I didn’t!” I almost cried at the thought.
    “If I didn’t care, would I be trying to save your life right now?” He asked slightly amused with himself.
    “You said you hoped I would die the worst death out there.” I said smartly.
    “I’m so sorry, I never meant anything. I just knew that you were going to die today and I thought maybe if I had done what I did to you, it wouldn’t hurt so badly. And I wouldn’t have to see your dead body…Sammy I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” He pleaded.
    “Just save me and we’ll talk about it later, okay?” I said, angrily, how selfish of him!
    “I’m on the job!” He announced and then all of I was in his arms, awake.
    I noticed a ripping, burning feeling in my throat.
    “What’s wrong with me?!” I asked in a low voice because of the burning feeling.
    “I turned you…into a vampire.” He said shyly.