• It was March. It had rained the night earlier. So there were puddles everywhere. Travis, the best soccer player at ADA, was picking out his team when he saw a football fly towards the hottest girl in school, Aile, Travis did not really care for her. Travis took a soccer ball and kicked it at the football. The balls fall into a puddle and splash Aile. Aile got mad at Travis and Lanse, the guy who kick the football. Travis just walked away and Aile chased after him.

    The bell rang for them to get to class. Travis had P.E. Aile also had P.E. but they had different classes. Travis is playing speedaway, which is soccer and football combine, and Aile was doing cheer practices since she was a cheerleader. Then while playing Lanse kicked the ball and it was heading towards the cheerleaders. Travis ran and blocked it with his body. The ball hit him in the chest so hard it knocked the wind out of him. He got up anyway and started playing again. Aile was impressed.

    After the game was over, Aile went to Travis and asked him out. He said okay. Aile kissed Travis then said, “one good turn deserves another.”