• Benji walked out into the feild. He was a very shy teenage boy who always wore cracked glasses. Yes he was a Vampire but still. He had shoulder length grey hair. Most Vampires have red eyes, but Benji was different. He had one dark blue eye and one purple red eye. Even though he was extremelly shy he was a skilled fighter. Apart from his Katana, he had a four barrel sawed offed shotgun, that he kept with him everywhere he went. He fought many people in his past life. Along the way he met a girl named Amber. She was a Dark elf who had extreme skills with a rifel. A 303 British to be percise. Amber had thin black hair That went halfway down her back. She had very dark green eyes and was always very happy for no reason. Now this is where our story begins.
    "Benji where are we going?" she whined. They kept on walking through a thick forest. "Somewhere." he replied. They kept on walking when they went upon an vally with smoke rising from the middle. Benji ran to the middle of the vally, Amber followed. It seemed to once be a village but was now in shambles. It seemed that this village was attacked by somthing. They walked past the burning village when they saw somthing. It was standing on top of a short cliff and was looking right at them. The monster was on a horse and was covered in a black cloak. It made an earsplitting screech and rode off. "What was that?" asked Amber. "It was a Nazgul." Benji replied. Amber shook her head and started walking again. She had only joined Benji with his quest for a month and already they had seen 3 villages in shambles. But Amber noticed somthing. Benji had been muttering in his sleep "He's at Argantia, he's at Argantia." Amber couldn't figure out who was at Argantia but she was sure that Benji wanted to find him.
    When they reached Argantia's gates he went through the doors, Amber followed. Argantia was a big city with thick walls surounding it. It was mainly of humans so seeing a Vampire and a dark elf was very uncommon around these parts. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at them. Amber krept closer to Benji's side. Amber didn't know why but she felt safer when she was closer to Benji. As they walked down the main street they came upon a vast castle "Follow." Benji told Amber. Amber walked behind Benji and came upon a vast room. Amber looked to both of her sides. There were rows of knights in shiney armor holding spears. She looked down and found out that they were carrying one silver revolver. The guards heads followed them as they walked down the long room. Benji suddenly stopped and Amber walked right into his back. She straightened herself up and looked around Benji. There was a blue man with pointy ears sitting on a throne made off grey stone. His dark blue eyes scanned Amber then went upon Benji. "Why do you dare come here?" he asked. Benji looked at him and said "I have come here to claim my throne." Amber looked like she was in shock. "So." ,the man said, "You come into my kingdom, you walk in unenvited, and worst of all you try to take my throne!"
    Benji pushed his lens cracked glasses back onto his nose. "You know that the throne is rightfully mine." Benji said. Amber walked close up behind Benji. The mans blue eyes scared her. The man stood up bolt right. He ripped off his shirt to reveal a very muscular upper body. He walked down the steppes and pulled out a Broadsword. His cold blue eyes still starred at Benji. "Then you must fight for it,...................brother." He said Benji pushed Amber out of the way and pulled out his Katana. Amber found out that the king of Argantia was a Dark Elf. And worst of all he was Benji's brother!!! The Dark Elf took his stance and yelled "FIGHT!!!!" Benji pushed his glasses back on his nose. "So be it." he said.

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