• Journal entry: December 24,3010

    It's been another long year. How the hell did I even get in here. the damn Nins that one day. I better go to the past.

    December 25,2995

    "Get up Justin get up there coming for you!" a women yelled.
    "Come on honey why so early?" Justin moaned half awake.
    "No you don't get it you'll go to jail if you don't run!"
    Justin then got up startled "Who who is going to bring me to jail?"
    "The Nins the cops go honey go!"
    Knocking came on the door. Justin got dressed quickly ,and got knives and pistols. The door opened revealing to Nins. Justin threw the knives at them. One hit one of them in the head the other in the knee. Justin then ran from the place. His home world. Unifram.

    Present day: It's settled I've been here to long. I'm breaking out I may not survive ,but I don't care. Just to see my wife. Claire I miss her so much. It's been 15 years. If I don't make it out alive. Whoever finds this. Bring it to my home. Tell my wife. Tell Claire I love her.