• On a world that was bright colored and brimming with life and people everywhere, there stood a group of castles to the north, the south, the west, and the east. Each cluster of Castles had one main castle, it was black with shimmering gems in the stone. Even though all of these places seemed so happy and lovely, there was a horrid hidden truth about all of these castles, they are all prison for the Young Ruler of the dream world, his name was Ales, and he was a banded by his parents at the age of 3, though it is a long time in the dream world, one year on earth is 100 years on the Dream World. But after 300 years with their son,the current Dream World Master and the Queen just left, on the first night of the Nightmare shift.
    Going back 900 years before...
    The Nightmare Shift is where demons and nightmare weavers are able to enter the Dream World, like the dream weavers, nightmare weavers hold a high level of dream magic, able to control anyone's dream, and they are also able to make those dreams you have, when you are powerless in their world, they can make them real so anything that happens to you their, can be really happen to your body.
    The King and Queen of the Dream World were weak, only caring of themselves to enjoy their eternal youth and great control of the dreamworld, they got cocky, after having a son, the queen became mean spirited and very easily enraged for any little thing, the King on the other hand had taken care of his son, having turned away from his wife. As the first 100 years past, Lady Victasris, the Queen of the dream world, she hated her son, because she alone knew the truth of his origins, he wasn't souly a dream worlder, he was part angel. Because the queen herself was an angel, having been given away to the dreamworld after she was going to fall, she was spared from earth, only to be forced to marry the king of the dream world.
    After 300 years, The Kong of the Nightmare World appeared within the peak hours of the Dream World, the time when no darkness or nightmare should be able to even attempt to set foot, there the Nightmare Lord stood.
    Before The Court Of Dreamers, which contained those of great power within the Dream World and the King and Queen. The Nightmare Lord spoke to all of them, saying that he would start a war within the Dream world if he was not allowed to release his nightmares for one hour within the Dream World. The great issue was this, The King and Queen were to weak to fight a war, they having gotten rid of all of the armies and all of the 'horrible weapons' as the Queen had put it so many years before, now the were defenseless.
    They were forced to agree to the terms, for one hour as each Dream World days was about to finish, the Nightmares would be released into the Dream World.
    The night of this agreement, shortly after the meeting, The Queen pulled The King into to the room. "We're leaving, leave the brat to handle this mess, this place is now getting boring.." She was cold hearted even though she was beautiful, flowing white hair, that was as soft a silk and went to the floor, her eyes were steel, thought at some other time they might have been a cool silver, now they were just a cold steel. The King shook his head, his wife, she was a heartless woman, their son shouldn't have to put up with this.. "Victasris, I cant do that to him, he doesn't know how to handle this..." "Then let the past rulers handle it! You're a sick man Alonois! Don't think no one hasn't noticed that you are in lo-" There was slap then all sound cut off. "Fine, you get things ready i will make sure we wont be followed." The was a sad depressed tone in The King's voice. "Heh, I knew you were smart Alonois." With the clicking of the Queen's heels, the room fell into a deathly quiet, for The King knew, what he was setting his son up for.

    ((Character Count: 3839
    Word Count: 736
    This is starting background information for my private role play that I do with Miyako Megumi
    Ales is child right now but This is Ales As An Adult