• Day 1

    I can feel the wind gently tugging at my robes, beckoning me from my hiding place. I can hear the crunching of large feet on fallen branches; I freeze in place holding my breath so it does not give me a way. Slowly my mind begins to wonder, as the creature doesn’t move from its current position. Has he found me, what do I do now? Then with much relief I hear the thing slink off, back to its den. Gently I rise, taking mind to the broken leg I now have. I brace myself against near by trees as I work my way back to camp. The terrain is unforgiving, the sudden rise and fall of the forest take great pleasure in causing me pain as I lose my footing many times before I reach camp.

    Back at camp, the rain begins to fall adding to the sorrow I already feel. At the back of the camp, under a cover of trees, a hot springs lies carved in to the hill side. I work my way to the waters edge carrying a large book with me. Gently I slide into the pool feeling my leg begin to heal already. After adjusting to a comfortable position I reach out for the book I brought with me. Placing it at waters edge it flips open on its own, the pages making a soft flutter as they turn. Like at the end of a dieing breeze the page falls open. Across the page, word of a strangle language begin to glow. As the words begin to glow the water begins to steam more fervently. The water now nice and hot the pages begin to flutter again. As the book falls open to the next page I begin to relax as I feel light popping sensations ripple through my broken leg. Darn fragile body why must it be so weak? Suddenly the water turns neon blue and begins to glow quickly leaving the book open I push it away. The water now a blinding source of blue light compresses on itself and with a loud crack, the brake in my leg snaps together. The pain rushes through my body causing me to let loose and blood curdling scream. Water is sent everywhere as I begin to rive in pain. Like thousands of freezing cold knives stabbing deep into my flesh, the agony cripples me.

    When the pain finally dulls I get up from the pool collecting the book from it’s near by safe zone. Quickly it flutters closed. When I emerge from the cover I can finally understand how I was back there. The clouds that blocked the midday sun before now have broken to reveal the sun slowly hiding behind the mountains to the west. Arriving at my tent I pull back the drape to show a thick bed spread lying on the ground next to a rock positioned conveniently between the bed and a small smoke less fire. The quietness of the night fills my ears as the stars brighten out side. Plopping myself on the bed spread, I let my thoughtless mind begin to wonder as sleep slowly sets in.