• “Watch out!” Jamey said. “I’m the queen at basketball, smith!”
    “Oh, whatever, JunJun!” Austin yelled. Jamey and Austin were rivals since they were three. Austin started calling her JunJun when they were five when he won a race. Jamey had always hated that name, she really couldn’t stand it.
    “Crosby, Smith, get out of the gym! Schools over!” Their teacher Mr. Ross yelled. “Now! Move move move!” he started to blow his whistle at them.
    “Wow, I’ve never seen him in such a good mood, it’s amazing.” Jamey said sarcastically.
    “I know!” Austin joked. “Hey, race ya’ back home?”
    “Nah. Can’t we just enjoy this beautiful day?” she replied. Just after she said that they both shot forward, racing each other home. They were neighbors so it was a fare race, unfortunately, their houses were a mile away and in their races, if one stopped running at all, they lost.
    Nether of them liked to lose. Once, they had a ‘who can hold their breath longest’ competition and Austin had to go to the hospital because he ran out of oxygen, and passed out.
    Jamey’s red-orange hair flew behind her as she ran. Her freckles were hidden in shadow wile Austin’s brown hair stayed stayed stiff.
    “Ha! I beat you home again!” Jamey said doing her victory dance.
    “I let you win today!” Austin said, acting as if nothing happed, but he wished he was the one doing his victory dance. They walked inside Jamey’s house.
    “So, how was school today? Were you two racing again? You’re all hot and sweaty. I’ll get you two some water. Want ice?” Jamey’s mom asked. She never waited for you to answer her questions until she’s done and getting you something.
    “No, no, we’re fine. Were going up to my room.” Jamey said, tired from running a mile.
    “Wow I can’t get over how much your mom talks! I mean, come on!” Austin said, flopping on Jamey’s blue bed. “She’s gotten worse since forth grade. Fifth grades making her worry too much. I’m glad there’s only one more week till summer!”
    “Tell me about it!” Jamey said, sitting on her blue moon chare.
    “I just did!” Austin said sarcastically. Jamey went over to her window and opened it. She was very hot.
    “WOW! Austin, LOOK! IT’S SNOWING!” Jamey yelled, exited. “LOOK!”
    “In the middle of summer? Yeah right!” Austin got up and went over to the window.
    “IT’S REALLY SNOWING!? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Hey, where is the rest of the neighborhood?” Austin said very confused. “Let’s go down stairs and tell your mom.”
    “Ok. Fine.” She went to her door “Austin, I don’t think were going down stairs, or down the hall!” Jamey said, sounding scared.
    “Oh come on! “ He walked into the doorway ware Jamey was standing. “No… way…”
    Instead of seeing a hallway, they saw ice. All ice. No neighborhood, no people, just ice. A long stretch of ice where there was supposed to be concrete. The sky was a blue color, but not their blue. It was a dark, cold, blue. Snow was falling, yes, but it looked lonely without kids playing in it. There was no sound.
    “Austin, what happened? Where are we? Are we going to freeze to death? No were going to starve to death, then we’ll tern into ice cubes! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!” Jamey started to yell.
    “Calm down! We are not going to-whoa!”
    The door slammed shut, locking them in. The room started to spin, faster, faster, and then, stopped. They opened the door. There was a girl with long blond hair, she looked like she was in forth grade, sitting on the floor screaming
    “WHY?” The girl yelled. They saw a knife on the floor by her.
    The door slammed shut, and they started to spin again. Then it stopped. They opened the door. They were in the icy area again.
    “That was wired. Who was that girl?” Jamey said. Her voice came out in a squeak.
    “Sahara.” Austin whispered, unusually calm.
    “Who’s- whoa!” Again, the room went through its routine. They opened the door, only to see a brown haired girl in the same room Sahara was in earlier.
    “Sahara?” She said. She rubbed her eyes.
    The room door closed again, they had gotten used to it by now, started spinning, then stopped.
    “Why dose that keep happening?” Jamey asked
    “I don’t know.” Austin said.
    There was a long silence.
    “I know!” Jamey exclaimed “You were going to say ‘die’ right, and then we saw a girl screaming with a knife by her! Someone could have died with that knife! And I was about to say Sahara, but that other girl did instead!” Jamey started pacing the floor. “But, the question is, why? Why is this all happening? And why to us? That’s what we gotta figure out!”
    “Wow, your grammar is perfect today, isn’t it?” Austin said sarcastically. “Anyway, I agree totally. Today is strange. Let’s go to bed.”
    “What about our parents! Their probably worried sick!” Jamey yelled getting a little mad at Austin for forgetting about them.
    “We can’t do anything about it now, maybe we’ll be home tomorrow.” He replied, then they both drifted off to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, they weren’t in the icy area any more. Instead, they were at school.
    “Jamey, did I fall asleep in class again?” Austin asked, his face showed he was confused.
    “No, Austin. Did I?” Jamey asked, just as confused as Austin.
    “What did you dream about? In my dream Sahara yelled at a brown haired girl.” Austin asked
    “The brown haired girls name is molly. And I think we had the same dream. Or did we really go to Antarctica? Wait, how did we know their names?” Jamey asked. She was turning into her mother, question after question.
    “Jamey, I really don’t know, I don’t want to know, I don’t know who knows, and I really don’t care.” Austin said sounding tired. “Let’s just go home.”