• Running all you hear is rapid footsteps. Who is running, why are they running? Then you hear laughter and tumbling. You see a group surround a girl in the Forest of Eternal Darkness. She darts away but the group follows her. She stops them doubles back to the group. Drawing out a gun the a friend gave to her, she starts shooting at the group. All fall them fall down dead. My name is Ame Kiyro and I am a vampire elf. My partners in crime are Twilight , Dusk, Momo, Ekiro, Majikku, and Kuro. My knees start shaking and I collapse to my knees still pointing the gun at the group.
    "That was my fist kill and -" I said.
    "Ame are you ok, did the organization hurt you," Ekiro yelled from afar. He came a few steps closer after viewing the corpses lying on the blood spilled ground. "You know you really didn't have to kill them, you could of let us have some fun," He paused. "Those son of a gun organization they will die for what they did to you," Ekiro said as I passed out in his arms.

    Part 2 coming soon