• Ch.1
    A chance meeting.

    A man whereing a dark green Vest with a gray shirt walks into a small run down looking Restrant that is located somewhere in the slums.

    ????: Hmmm.... *looks around*

    Inside, He see's a Bar, with circle tables in the middle of the place.

    ????: *goes and sits down* Hey.. do I have to come up there to get food or?

    Owner: On! Never! You must be new here. *smiles crookly*

    ????: Huh. Well.. can I order?

    Owner: yes.. what will you have.?

    ????: a sub... Pizza Sub.

    Owner: coming right up.

    ????: *looks around and see's someone come out of the back with a 10 year old girl*

    Guy: heh. Best $100 I've spent.

    Girl: *shivers a bit*...

    Guy: *puts money on the conter and heads out.*

    Owner: Clara! Get cleaned up for the next person!

    ????: ...

    Owner: Here you go... 5 bucks.

    ????:... say... is that kid stealing money from the jubox?

    Owner: What! *runs at a kid as the kid runs out* Damn kid...

    ????: *starts eatting*

    Clara: *comes back out and sits on a bench.*

    ????:... (poor girl...)

    Clara: *looking down*

    ????: *looks at the owner as he finishes eatting* Hey...

    Owner: Yea what?

    ????: *Looks as the girl then back at the owner*

    Owner: Ah! *walks over* She's a hunderd bucks ago. *smiles crookedly again*

    ????: Alright.

    Owner: Clara! costomer!

    Clara: *stands up and waits, eyes not leaving the floor*

    ????: *walks over to her*

    Clara: *starts to lead ???? to the back* (Great... Another pervert...)

    ????: *wispers* Is there a back door to this place?

    Clara: Yea... but why?

    ????: *picks Clara up and runs to the back door*

    Clara: !?!

    Owner: *hears the back door brake and rushes to find ???? and Clara* Damn IT! My best money maker!

    ???? carries Clara to another side of town.

    Clara: Ummm... Mister... Why did you?

    ????: Don't call me Mister...My name is Rage. And I took you to save you... No one your age should have to do that. Now lets get you some better clothes.

    Clara: *Smiles as Rage carries her on his back* (He's my knight in shineing armor)