• Blood's POV
    "LEAVE ME ALONE BLOOD!"She shouted at me.I pounced on her and gripped her neck with my teeth,just not hard to break the skin.
    "leave me alone,get off me!"She yelled again,i flipped her over.Still on her.
    "Listen to me,I'm sorry for bringing you into this stupid forbidden breed!Hell,i hate my parents for what they did to your father and my brother."I told her,she just turned her head away with her paws up."Fine,i'll get off of you.Just so you know i really like and love you."I added and jumped off of her and trotted the other way.I was sad,i have to admit it,me and her would be the best for each other.I looked at her,she still had her head turned with her paws up,she rolled over and just layed there.

    SilverDusk's POV
    I wasn't listening to him,i was still confused,could i trust him?I just layed there wondering,then i felt someone over me,i looked up it was Blood.
    "What?What do you want.I don't deserve you."I told him,he only smirked.
    "Yeah,you do.I'm not giving up on you.Ever."He responded to me, he layed down next to me trying to comfort me,suddenly i got all hot and rolled over panting like a idiot for some reason.He sat up and got on me again,i layed down on my paws and waited.He bit my neck and we mated for a few minutes.

    Blood's POV
    I saw her neck tremble,i bit it on instinct and mated with her,then jumped off.We nuzzled and trotted north of the woods,a weird couple i say but it works.We hunted rabbits then it became winter.The snow felt good under your paws,SilverDusk tried to eat it but it melted in her jaw.She laughed and i did too.She went to sleep the next day and i stepped close to her and she snarled at me!Crap,pups coming.I went hunting after she fell back to sleep,i found a young moose about 2 years old,3 feet to the shoulder about 150 pounds.Perfect i thought,i sneaked up....slowly now......slowly...... got 1 foot away from it and sprang it struggled to get me off its back,i bit his throat hard as icould intil i heard a loud wet snap then a gurgle.He fell i jumped off before he crushed me,i tore into this meal and ate about 30 pounds of bloodly meat,i dragged 90 pounds of the dead animal to SilverDusk,since she would need more.I layed down and watched her eat.
    "I'm sorry for snarling at you Blood."She told me,and cleaned her face and ears.I cleaned my paws and ears as well.
    "Its ok your just going to have pups soon,thats all it means.Come on we have to get you to move around some more."I told her.