• In the hands of Death I will Rise.

    Every waking moment is an experience that cannot be forgotten, lost, or replaced. The rush of numbness as you’d dash through rough branches of already dead trees, the slight scraping feeling that’s left as you run away for their icy grasp, just one of those life-long experiences that you hold dearly on to because it’s all you have. But it’s only an experience. Where’s your heart in all of this? Or is it not even your heart?
    Close your eyes now, it’ll all be over sooner than it all began. Everything ends where it began, memories, hearts, and passion. There’s pounding sounds echoing throughout your ears, but you understand none of it. You can’t feel what’s being said.
    Chilled to the icy touch, the slightly frozen and fierce eyes staring openly into the shell of what’s left of you. Nothing can happen to you though, it’s an empty threat. It all ends where it began. Trying not to show a look of fear, you smirk up, raise your chin proudly, and say something in response to the dead glare of the red eyes focused on you.
    “You can’t kill what’s not there.” And with that, it ends where it began. In the hands of Chaos, I come, and in the clutch of Chaos, I shall leave.


    Stare blankly, expressionless, out the frosted window. Gently placing a hand against the window, you feel the glass’ crispy frozen touch. Outside, white speckles of what looks to be a frozen light dance around endlessly. The same old questions fill your mind, the same questions that have remained un-answered all of your short existence. Letting your hand slowly lower, still touching the glass, you drift into thought as always.
    Sometimes people hold onto their heart; Others Hold onto their memories that they find most important. But for me, I have nothing; Only my body and myself. No heart; no passion; nothing but the ability to have memories of things I emptily make that will all be forgotten when I’m gone.
    In the hands of a demon, I am reborn empty. But, in my own hands, I will rise to fill that very emptiness, and I fill answer the same old questions that have been with me ever since my creation. In my own hands, I will make most of what my mind allows, and maybe… just maybe, when I go… Something I have done will be remembered. Remembered for the best.
    My name is of no importance, but my actions shall speak for me.
    My true name is….. Locket with her heart.

    …….. Madness of a lost soul

    Eyes open wide, hands clutching your head, madness crawling through the thick blood that flows through my body, I scream. Madness isn’t to bad, it’s enjoyable, you don’t worry about how much you’ve lost your true self.
    Laughter breaks out, a wicked and cold laugh. But.. the voice you hear isn’t your own.
    The innocent, childish voice of your past drifts through your mind. “You know you’ve lost yourself to the demon… the only hope now is to be pulled from his madness… Jaden.”
    … And then… Those same, frozen and fierce, cold red eyes, stare deeply into your very heart, going in and making you his puppet.
    It’s over now, in the hands of your creator, in the hands of the father, in the hands of Chaos.