• Prologue

    I know what you are thinking; How the hell did that happen to this girl?
    My story, is long and interesting. If you want, all you have to do is listen.
    My own upcoming, was a entire different story than my brothers and sisters, and cousins, and my vampire boyfriend. So, this is how I became to be.

    Chapter 1
    I walked down the streets of Seattle looking for a new home. Being 18 was the best. I finally moved out of my mom's house. I hated it there; it smelled like my grandmother, and she had been dead for fifteen years. Talk about discusting.
    There was an ad about a condo, and it would give me the kick I needed. So I entered the tall white building, and went to the front desk.
    "Excuse me, is the room in the ad still available?" I asked the clerk, voice velvet, as usual.
    "Yes, go by the elevator to the last floor. There, room two-eighteen. This is the last room left." He told me, stunned by my presence. I don't blame him. I thanked him, and walked to the elevator. It opened, and another guy my age was in it, waiting to go up.
    "Which floor?" He asked. His voice was soft, but strained. Like he was trying not to do something.
    "Eight." I told him, as I walked into the elevator. He didn't press it, for it was already on. I stayed at the front of the elevator, as he cringed to the back.
    He was something else! His eyes, soft green, were beautiful. His face, was a perfect angle, shaped just right. His lips were a perfect double curve, and his nose was short, but was long. He wore a blue cotton shirt that fit his chest snuggly, emphasising how muscular he was. His black pants were to his anckle, and designer shoes were at hs feet. He looked like if the sun would be jealous of him. I hid my face with my golden hair, to hide my smile. As I looked through the curtain of hair, I saw him smile, too. The elevator pulled ot a halt, and I walked out. I went to room two-eighteen, and saw him go to the room next to mine. I unlocked the door, with the key the clerk had given me, and entered.
    The main room, with the plasma screen TV, was awesome. It had a sterio, a leather loveseat, and a big bookcase, with an empty shelf. The floor was coated with a dark red hardwood floor, and the walls covered by wood, a brown-red color. I walked into the kitchen, and it was nice, and big. The counter went along three of the four walls, and at the last one went a lovely table, as big as a pool table. The floor, a nice black, and the walls, a light white. The windows were long and sleek, and gave a good view.
    The bedroom was something else. It had a lovely bed with rought iron posts, and a golden comforter. It was comfortable. It was nice and dark, for the lamps held tinted light bulbs.
    A timid rap on my door got me up and out of the room, into the living room, to the door. It was the manager of the condo.
    "Do you like it?" He asked.
    "Yes. Here." I gave him five hundred dollars cash. "I'll take it."
    "Have a good day." He left. I closed the door, and went to the bedroom to fix myself up in the mirror. My long golden hair was tangled a bit, so I combed it. I scratched my pointy ear.
    "********. Oh, fabulous." There was a small drop of blood on my finger. I dabbed it dry, and left the condo, to find myself a job. That was going to be a challenge. I got into the elevator, and pushed the button to the main floor. I only saw that he was with me after that I had fixed my gloves up a bit.
    "Oh god!" I said, as I noticed him. There was something strange... under his eyes, all along his cheekbones, there was a purple bruise. I let it drop out of my mind. "Sorry, I did not see you there." I told him.
    "Hello." He grinned. "I am Hiroshi. You are...?"
    "Crimson." I told him.
    "A pleasure."
    "Nice hair." He complimented me.
    "Thanks." I blushed.
    "Where you headed?" He asked me after a moment.
    "To find a job. It wont be easy."
    "Where I am, there is one up for grabs. Its a restaurant, looking for a server."
    "Whats the name?" I asked. I was curious, and it would not be that hard if I just took this one.
    "Amore tradizionali." He told me.
    "Sure." I wanted to be anywhere but at a shoe shop, and this one sounded fancy.
    "Come with me, then." He winked, and dragged me along as the elevator doors opened.