• There once was a girl she lived in a mystic land full of magic, she had long black hair past her shoulders and a pale face, she felt trapped in the mystical place, she wanted to explore the real world, once day her family went out to feed the gobble and then she took her chance she ran and ran and ran and ran until finally she reached the portal, The portal was blue with purple orbs beaming from it, She took a deep breath and jumped in,
    it was like time had slowed down, as if she as floating on air, She saw a light and moved towards it
    and finally she saw the tall city blocked, she was wearing a long white dress with that was wrinkled and
    torn but still looked graceful on her small frame, She walked around for a while looking at the tall builds and running thought he streets. She looked out of place se sat down on a patch of green grass in the park She looked at everyone who walked by she saw a boy, He was handsome in many ways. He had floppy spiky hair and he looked at the girl bewildered and smiled at her. The girl blushed her rosy red checked stood out on her place face She smiled back at him filled with lust, He stared walking towards her What would she do at home her parent never let her talk to boys, She looked down at the ground she heard the sound of his black canvas shoes on the soft green grass She looked up and saw his sapphire blue eyes her own green eyes tingling with anticipation He said “ Hi I’m Kian” the girl said “ you have a nice name my name is Alura” “ you name is beautiful” he said its “almost as beautiful as you” would you like to have a walk?” She said “right now the only thing I want to do that is walk please can we just sit” Kian was intrigued with her girls were usually aiming to please him always wanting to do what he said so they could be seen with but this girl wasn’t clingy, she wasn’t desperate and for once it was him chasing the girl and not the other way round. He sat down next to get and leaned very close to her face until their noses were almost touching “he said yep your eyes are definitely sea green” Ugh thanks” said Alura. He started asking her about herself,
    “so I’ve never seen you around what are you doing here@
    “Um I just moved”
    “really were”
    I don’t know”
    “okay well what school do you go to”
    “I don’t go to school”
    “Umm okay well oh I’m sorry you’ve just moved here what school are you planning on going to?”
    I don’t know”
    “Wow you seem to not know anything”
    Alura looked alarmed “ what?”
    “Oh I’m sorry My idea of a joke”
    “oh she said”
    Alura suddenly burst out laughing. “What’s so funny? “Asked Kian. “Well do you want to know how I got here?” “Well yes” answered Kian” well listen carefully” said Alura she took his hand and held them” I am not from this world I am from a world called Encarta, I was so trapped there couldn’t do anything so today I jumped through the portal to get there” This time Kian stared laughing She looked hurt “oh said Kian your serious well I would like to believe you but I stopped believing in father Christmas when I was like” Well if you don’t belie me I’m sure you wont want to see this. She took out an orb from her bag “this is my mobile phone” She touched it and a whole lot of icons appeared on the screen, “it works try it” She handed the orb to Kian and the orb he touched a picture icon.