• tab I don't know where I was. Everything changed after my parents died. Everything. I stepped outside the door and looked around. Nothing was right. The grass swayed. The air was fresh. The sheets were hanging from the line. All wrong. Nothing was right anymore. I felt like I was in a different world, and little did I know, I was. Things were the opposite here. At home I could go outside and do anything I wanted being care free. Here, people banged on your door ready to kidnap you when you opened it. Nobody was normal. They were all out to get each other. I had no idea, that I was a large victim.
    tab I was watching the TV alone, with nobody there. No parents, obviously. The person watching me was out, so I was alone for a little while. Suddenly there was this repeated banging. Over and over again, and very loud. I had no idea what it was. I opened the door and somebody grabbed me and tied me up hard. First they threw me down the stairs and I was scared everywhere. They started coming towards me.
    tab My hero saved me. He was tall, black, and he looked troubled. He untied the rope and knocked the person out. He than pulled me in to his car and we started driving away.
    tab "Where are we going??" I asked, curious.
    tab " A thanks would be nice. We are going to my house. Its far away and nobody will find you there," He said. He had a low angry voice. I never thanked him. I was way too confused. He was the only one in this place that would ever help me. He was normal.
    tab We arrived in a muddy swampy sort of place. His house was wood and it didn't look very sturdy. When I walked in I saw nothing. It was black, and I tripped over nails a few times. When he turned the lights on I screamed. There was a little neglected kid in the corner. He looked sick. The man stared at me.
    tab "I brainwashed him. He sees things you and I don't see. Soon you will be the same as him. you will see all those things that he sees, soon," He said deeply. I glared at him. There was no way I was going to be like him. He looked as if he was almost dead.
    tab He screamed. "They're everywhere! Get them away, get them away!!" He yelled. I wanted to cry. The child was so messed up. The dark man..... he wasn't normal. He was cruel, but strange.
    tab "You see, because he can see these things, I can see the future, and honestly.... it doesn't look to good for you right now," He said. He didn't laugh. I don't think it was possible for him to laugh. I was frightened, but not about to let that happen. It was so strange, it made no sense. This world didn't make sense. I realized what he wanted to do than and I ran. I ran right out of the house. He charged after me, but I was faster. I ran to a really swampy part. It was all twirling in my mind and nothing was normal. Thats when the strangest thing in the world happened. I saw my dad. He didn't look right. Sort of.... sick like the other boy. I started to sway. He wasn't real. I could see that.
    tab "I'm a ghost. Don't be afraid. He's a nice man and he is going to help you," He said. I started to cry. I never visioned anything like this before. I than heard a yell it was him. He was angry. As angry as anyone would ever be. The boy who looked sick ran toward me.
    tab "H-h-he wants to k-k-kill you," He said. He sounded calm, but the child was sick. He yelled again. When I saw him come out of the shadows he held a pipe. A long heavy pipe and I was sure he was going to hit me. He was furious.
    tab I looked at the ghost again. He just bowed his head in disappointment. I looked along. Grabbed the little boys hand and we started to charge. He came after us. There was a long winding path of wooden stairs, at the bottom a little area of water, like a pond. The boy ran down safely. Little did I know the man was behind me. He hit me with his hand and I went flying down the stairs. I broke my leg when I fell. It hurt more than anything. The man came toward me with the pipe.... slowly..... slowly...... my eyes closed.
    tab I woke screaming in my room. Was it a dream?? I didn't understand. Anything. I closed my eyes on my pillow, when suddenly..... I heard a repeating loud banging at the door.....