• "Save me... Save me..." he called. But I couldn't. I couldn't move. I was bound to the spot, reaching for who I didn't know. "Save me... I need you..." His call continued to ring in my ears. That cold, dead voice that seemed so far away, so dry, so full of nothing. I continued to reach, to grab for his out held hand that continued to grow farther, farther, farther away from my own. Then it was out of sight. But his voice still rang in my ears. "Save me... Help me... You're the only one who can.... I need you, Nekane... I need y--"

    I jolted up in bed. Only a dream. Yet it was so real... And I knew that face. I sighed, figuring I'd figure it out later. I hoped out of bed to get ready for the impending day of boring. Got dressed, brushed teeth, did all I needed to before going downstairs.
    "Hey mom," I told the woman flipping pancakes gently at the stove.
    "Good morning Nekane," she chimed cheerfully. She turned around and set a large plate of stacked pancakes on the table. "Help yourself, but hurry up. We gotta leave in about fifteen minutes."
    "Alright mom," I replied dully, taking a seat. I picked up a pancake with my bare hand and started eating. Blueberry. Yum.

    Before I knew it, we were in the car and ready to head to school. The trip was uneventful, just like every mundane Monday morning. I sat my sadness on my elbow and stared out the scenery that quickly sped by. I could see my dim reflection in the foggy glass. Dark, long brown hair, dark eyes, nothing out of the ordinary here. I sighed just as we pulled up to the school. I bid my mom farewell and continued into the place I dreaded each morning.