• It was a warm summer evening, the sun just starting to set below the horizon. The waves rolled onto the beach and slowly retreated repeatedly. Glistening and reflecting light created the illusion of serenity, yet in its depth the ocean harboured dark undiscovered secrets. Gulls screeched overhead like a siren blaring, as if warning passer-bys to stay clear from the area. Yet the rest of the beach remained peaceful, and the people went on ignorant of the
    Leaving footprints trailing along the shore, the girl explored. Her long hair, a light shade of brown, shadowed her face as she looked about her. Striking blue eyes scrutinized every shell, and pebble in detail. Sighing in exasperation she stretched her long, tanned limbs on the soft, grainy bed underfoot. Like many other teens found hanging out around the beach, she wore cut off jean shorts and a tank top. The only other possession she had with her was a silver bracelet with ocean themed charms that was not truly hers but a keepsake of her best friend.

    “Miranda!” With a jerk of her head Miranda turned to acknowledge the figure quickly approaching. A boy with a black curly mop of hair, tall and lean now stood above her eclipsing the sunset. She froze and sat like a statue, her face blank and eyes wide.

    “What do you want, Nathan?” With difficulty Miranda managed to part her trembling mouth to smile. Nathan beamed back at her oblivious to her pain.

    “Have you seen Liana? I wanted to ask her something last night at the party but I couldn‘t find her, or you.” Miranda paled.

    “About that…I should tell you what happened.” She bit her lip and glanced down at the bracelet on her wrist. “I know that you won’t forgive me once you know.”

    “Miranda? What are you talking about?” He reached out to reassure her, for tears had already started to form as Miranda began her confession of the hideous crime she had committed.

    It was the night just before summer had officially started. Miranda and her best friend Liana were planning to spend their last summer in high school at the beach. Well that was the plan until an argument tore their friendship apart. They had chosen to talk it over before the beach party, near the ocean cliff in privacy.

    “You knew…! How could you backstab me!?” Miranda had screamed.

    “If you want him so badly you should’ve just made a move!” Liana smirked, piercing green eyes challenging her. “Nathan might’ve noticed you if you did! You weren’t making any progress anyway. I’m tired of your jealousy!”

    Anger engulfed Miranda and she had grabbed Liana by her dark brown hair, pushing her head into the shallows. Liana had fought to get up at first; flailing her strong arms and legs, yet Miranda put all her weight to hold her head down. Soon the thrashing reduced to shaking and then her body slumped. Shivering once what she had done finally dawned on her, Miranda dragged Liana’s limp body to the rocky bed below the cliff.

    The anger had drained from her and in flowed the fear. Miranda’s mind raced as she looked at the friend she had just forcefully drowned. Bitter bile rose from her mouth and tears stung her eyes. Regret for killing over something so stupid overcame her, and the waves drowned her

    Finished talking, Miranda raised her head slowly, eyes searching Nathan’s face for any hint of emotion; disgust, hate, or horror. She saw none of it. His eyes only mirrored his sorrow and pity for her and for Liana who was no longer among the living.

    “Is there anything else you want to do before we report this to the police?” Nathan asked her.

    “Yes, just a few last words… for Liana,” Miranda whispered and Nathan nodded solemnly, “She, herself was like the ocean; eternally serene on the surface with a personality equal to its depth. Always kept hidden her true intentions. Will now and forever cause the heart to ache…”