• I didn't think things would get any worse, but they did.

    My boyfriend has just died in a car accident and I have blamed myself for sometime now. I blamed myself for about 6 months and the remaining 6 months of the year, I blamed my step-father, Jerry. He never did like Henry, No, He hated Henry. He hated him the day he stepped foot in his house. He wanted him to die or to just vanish. My mom liked him a lot. Everyone liked Henry except for Jerry. Jerry was like a father to me sometimes. He cared for me like dad's did. But when we got into a fight, ha, it was just hell. I wished he would die but I didn't get my wish and then when he wished that Henry would die, his wish came true.

    "It's your damn fault god damnit!!! You hated him!!! You wanted him to die!!! I hate you!!!" I yelled at Jerry. Jerry couldn't help but hold onto me. I tryed to push him away but he just kept holding on tighter and tighter.
    " Let go off me you b*****d!!! I hate you!!! I don't...." I froze.
    " Taylor? What's the matter?" Jerry asked me.
    " Nothing. I, uh, thought I saw something. It was nothing. Now let go of me you b*****d!" I said. He let go of me and I ran outside.
    " Taylor! Where are you going!?" He asked me.
    " Away from you!!" I yelled.
    I called out Henry's name over and over again because the thing I saw looked like Henry. He didn't answer me. Well, how could he? After all, he is dead.
    I turned around to walk back home and I saw that same thing again. It stopped in the middle of the road along with me. I froze in terror for this was Henry. It was Henry's ghost. I stared not being able to say anything. He came closer slowly and then "Poof!" He was gone just like that. I sat there stunned at what I just saw. I tryed thinking it over again but it just came back to that I just saw Henry.