• The cries of the battle have died. Souls now drift up in the starry night to take leave, or in this case down. Cheif Inspector Askuro, Corpse Examiner, Ender & The Cleaner.. now inspects the bodies strewn around the bloody field. His Quad Arms pushing and moving the bodies now and then, picking up hidden items. Or quickly ending the lives of the moaning half-dead. The butt of his Arcadian Cane,handcrafted by Master Carpenter Dasc, gradually gains the blood red color of the surrounding grass seeping into the Elder Wood. He is alone, or should be. His super computer picks up the movement almost as quickly as he does. A mound made ragged looking, slowly began to stand. As a matter of fact it was not a mound at all but a hybrid mutation, probably the accident of some lab disaster. But why is it here?
    Surely the Dispatch Unit would have removed any weapons from the vicinity including superhuman anomalies. A deep bellow errupted from the, now at full height 17ft, creature. Menacing almost a threat. But Askuro has seen worse in his days things that would scare the devil himself.
    "WHO the HELL do you think your moaning at FILTHY mutant!?"
    Then it's movements came so suddenly, and unnexpected Askuro had no time to react. Only brace himself for the impact booming loudly like that of Storm Hadik. He flew 18 stretches before his Quad Arms dug into the soft earth making him come to halt, shifting him to his feet.
    With a practiced reflex he commanded the Quad to send 15 E-Blast Bolts towards the creatures general direction. He was rewarded with a low moan, his eyes though were shut. His breathing ragged, his coughs bloody.
    But despite this he allowed himself a slight grin...Maybe this time things wont be so boring.

    Then with egnimic force he hurtled towards the beast. The fight had begun.