• I drank the blood, not even a scream came from the person. I had that sort of feeling like she was expecting it. She clearly wasn’t surprised. But who would expect a vampire attack? It didn’t matter much to me. Whoever it was, wouldn’t be expecting things much longer.
    Before I finished, a faint voice spoke to me.
    “Anna? I knew it was you. Am I going to die? That’s what I don’t know yet. I knew you would come for me, but I didn’t know what else would happen.” It was Kasey speaking to me. I opened my eyes and realized that she was the one I was so heartlessly killing. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to stop.
    Her blood tasted so good, and I was a newborn. Newborns are bloodthirsty, and they aren't very well known for their self control. I was caught up in the frenzy and I couldn't stop. I heard her heart flutter toward it last beat, then it stopped.
    Her blood was gone, and I felt horrible.
    It killed me, the scene. Me, holding my dead best friend in my arms, with her blood running through my veins. She was pale white, she could pass off as a vampire with the way she looked. She was motionless, and her eyes were open, staring up at me. That was the last I saw.
    I ran back to the small house and screamed, loudly.
    "Anna! What is wrong?!" Chelo asked me, she was very worried. The images of the scene flashed through my head again. The taste of her blood burned in my throat again. The inability to stop, tortured my emotions. Chelo immediately understood when she saw it in my head.
    "Oh no. Anna, don't do anything stupid, it wasn't your fault. Temptations are high for human-hunting newborns." She knew I wanted to kill myself. The problem was: I didn't know how. Vampires were invincible as far as I knew. How would you kill one?
    "What? What's going on?" Christopher was very worried, and unlike his mate, he couldn't read minds.
    "She's killed her friend," Chelo told him. She spoke the words quietly, hoping I wouldn't hear. But I did hear.
    "Oh no. She's not planning on doing anything rash is she?" He was really worried. Everytime something went wrong with me, he scolded himself for biting me.
    "I won't do anything. I want you to." I was serious about this, I wanted to die.
    "No, I won't kill you, and neither will Christopher."
    "Then I'll find my own way out of this."
    "Anna no!"
    And I was gone.
    I ran to the Atlantic Ocean without looking back. I swam to Europe, and ran to Russia. I was lucky that vampires don't have to breathe, or I wouldn't have gotten that far.
    I sat in the abandoned, freezing land, and did nothing. I couldn't hunt anything if I stayed there.
    I sat there, and waited for my invincible, and shame-filled life to leave my forever-frozen body.