• Chapter One

    I sighed. I was standing in the forest at the back of my house to stay out of the rain. My papers were getting wet and my clothes were soaked. The trees were swaying to the rain and the lightning made me shudder. I listened to the rain and started singing to the beat, it always made it go away. It didn’t work this time, but I continued singing. Then before I knew it, I put my papers down and started dancing in the rain. This usually is how I would spend my summers, alone in the rainy forest. But I had never danced in the rain before. My white sundress I had been wearing started to wear me down and then I stopped dancing. I was back to my own self when I heard my mother’s car pull into our long gravel driveway.
    I quickly ran out of the forest to my house, up and into my bedroom window. I changed my clothes and hid the soaked ones under my bed. I grabbed a book by my nightstand and pretended to read laying down on my bed. When my mother unlocked the door she walked in and yelled my name.
    “What mother?” I replied to her.
    “I’m home.” she replied.
    “I noticed that..” I said sarcastically.
    I walked out of my room and walked down the creaky stairs. I walked into the large room where my mother was putting groceries so I could take them to the kitchen. My house looked like a castle, but not more of the princess’s castle, more like the vampire’s dark lair. Everything was dark and the rooms were never remodeled, so I look at boring ivory walls. My house never felt warm because it was always either raining and wet or cold and dreary. I looked out the window by the door and sighed. It would never become nice out. I turned around and walked back upstairs, not caring about the groceries- my mom could get them by herself.
    I opened the door to my room and closed it behind me. I opened my window and laid on my bed. I grabbed my journal under my pillow and I started to write in my journal.

    I wonder if the weather will ever let up. Today was nice, but it was only for two minutes, then it started to pour. I danced in the rain and I thought I started to sing. But something made me stop, and I didn’t know what. It was strange, but it doesn’t matter. I hope someday it starts to clear up. I am starting to get sick of seeing rain.

    I stopped writing and put my earphones in my ears and started to listen to my music. I eventually fell asleep, and I had a dream.
    This dream was different, it made me want to stay asleep. It was about the forest. It was beautiful, and not one sight of rain. I also noticed there was a door in the middle of the pine cathedral I would draw at. I woke up before I could see if I opened it or not. I stretched and looked at my clock. I had slept through the day and into the twilight. I yawned and got up.
    I remembered my dream and wanted to see if the door was there. So I climbed out of my window and into the forest. I had to be quick because if I would be caught I would be in huge trouble. I swished and swayed in between the trees and into the pine cathedral.
    I looked around to see if there was a door. No, but there was a strange little flower in the middle of the cathedral, one I had never seen there before. But, flowers pop up in strange places everywhere because it is always raining. I walked back, disappointed. I wrapped my arms around me and shivered. There was a chilly breeze coming my way, and I forgot to put my hoody on.
    I climbed back up into my room and fell back asleep, hoping to have dreams about the strange door from last night. Alas, a few moments after closing my eyes, I started dreaming of the door in the middle of the cathedral. It was quite different this time because the door looked different. I opened the door and I looked inside. Then I woke up to the booming of the thunder.
    I had slept in all day, it was two o’ clock. I had no idea why my sleeping habits had changed drastically, but it was of no worry to me, yet. I walked downstairs and noticed nobody was home. I estimated my sister was at a friend’s house and my mother was working. I walked outside and I breathed in the air. I remembered to check to see if the door was in the cathedral. I grabbed my umbrella from the back porch and set out up the hill.
    The hill to the cathedral was muddy, and it made it hard to climb up but I eventually made it. I slid through the pine trees and observed the area.
    Nothing. The only thing that looked suspicious was the strange plant I saw yesterday. It had grown extremely fast, it was up to my waist already. I seemed to have slipped in half in t he center of the stem and each side had went to opposite sides. I wonder how it had grown so fast.
    I walked back out of the pines ad a slid down the hill. I opened the back door and threw my muddy clothes into the laundry bin and went upstairs to put new ones on. When I had my white summer dress on, I walked downstairs and entered the living room. I turned on the television and flipped through the channels. I turned on a channel; that was discussing strange plants. None of the plants looked like the ones in my forest, though they did look very strange. I turned on my iPod and I listen to a piano and dazed into sleep.
    In my dream, I was surrounded by people. I recognized the backdrop was my living room. I walked around and squeezed in between the crowd of people. What were they all doing in my living room? I had no clue but what I did know was that it WAS my house and they WERE strangers. I opened my eyes as I heard the sound of my mother cooking in the kitchen.
    “Hey sleeping beauty.” My mother said.
    “How long have I been sleeping?” I asked.
    “Oh, about 18 hours… or 12. I wasn’t counting” She replied. I dropped my jaw and I rubbed my eyes.
    “Are you getting enough sleep at night?” My mother asked me.
    “Yeah, I sleep all the time.” I replied.
    “Are you sneaking out and doing something I would never approve of?” My mother questioned me.
    “NO!” I replied, as if she was crazy.
    “Alright then.” She said. She walked out of the kitchen and went to the laundry room. I walked out the kitchen door and went to the pine cathedral.
    I saw the plant and it was now in the shape of a door frame. I was still wondering how in the world it had grown so fast in so little time. I touched the plant and there was a door that came up in the frame. The lock unlocked and opened. I stepped in.

    Chapter Two

    I had passed out suddenly after stepping in. I didn’t remember a thing, but I did remember waking up in the driveway of my house. I stood up and turned around. The door dissolved into the ground.
    I brushed my self off and realized what I was wearing. It looked like an old 1800’s woman’s dress. IT was puffy and light shady pink. My shoes were high heels and my make up on my face was gone. I walked up my driveway and realized my house was different too. It looked more radiant and beautiful, and young. I opened the door and glimpsed in. The same people were in my house, in the same room.
    I sat on a olive green sofa I had never seen before in my life. Someone walked up to me and started to talk. I identified him as a male gender.
    “Hello.” The man said.
    “Hi.” I had said shyly.
    “I am Noah.” The man said.
    “Hello Noah, I am Desiree.” I replied to him.
    “What do you do here?” Noah asked.
    “I’m not too sure, you?” I asked.
    “I’m a town guard.” He proudly replied.
    “That’s amazing. What is the building we are in?” I asked.
    “We are here for a small town party at the mayor’s house.” Noah replied to my dumb question.
    “Who is this ‘mayor’?” I asked stupidly.
    “Here,” He said, “Let me show you.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd of strangers. He stopped me at a fair -sized black haired man who had been talking
    among the people.
    “Ah, hello dear Noah.” He had said, “Who is this miss you bring me here today?”
    “This is Desiree.” He replied to the mayor.
    “Hello there Miss. Desiree. My name is Adam and I am the mayor of the town of Ravenstone.”
    “That’s extraordinary Sir Adam.” I replied, not knowing how people in the mysterious time talked. I estimated the early to mid 1800’s, the early years of America. They both laughed, then a few other people joined in. I turned cherry red before I knew it.
    Noah grabbed me and started pointing out people I should know of.
    “That is Johnny,” Noah said, “He is the town librarian.” He pointed to the skinny not-so-strong guy, and he turned me around and pointed out two less beautiful women.
    “They are Alexandria and Isabella. They are the two gardeners of the mayor. I would watch out of those two, they aren’t exactly the best people.”
    “Thanks for the warning.” I said. Noah continued to point out many other people, like Brittany, Jessica, Luna, and so on.
    I then walked out of my , or in this time, Mayor Adam’, what was supposed to be the kitchen door. Outside was quite different. It was covered with lovely roses and beautiful cherry blossom trees. I walked down the elegant walkway that was leading to the pine cathedral.
    I walked up to the pine cathedral and noticed it was quite different. It had a fireplace in the middle and there were stone stands circling it. It looked more like an amphitheater.
    I walked in the middle of it and started dancing and singing like nobody was watching. Then when I turned around, I realized someone was watching me. I blushed and turned red as a cherry.
    The man was dark-haired and was quite small. It figures everyone here was small, it must have inherited in my present-time town.
    “You are quite lovely with your voice and feet.” The man said.
    “T-thank-you.” I said, scared.
    “Maybe I should introduce myself,” The man said, “My name is William.”
    “I’m Desiree.” I replied, feeling more soothed knowing he wouldn’t hurt me, yet. We started talking and it ended when I head Noah’s voice call out for me.
    “I must be going.” I said.
    “Good-bye Miss. Desiree.” William replied. I walked down the pathway and down to Noah.
    A klutz as I am, I tripped on my shoe and fell down the hill. Lucky me, Noah caught me before I hit the floor.
    “Wow. Right on time.” I said.
    “Lucky you.” Noah smirked. I laughed sarcastically.
    “Hmmm…” Noah said.
    “Hmmm…” I copied him. He laughed and put me down.
    “I want to show you something.” Noah smiled.
    “Okay.” I said, trying to act surprised.
    “Hold on.” He said. He picked me up and carried me. I closed my eyes and felt the wind go through my hair and when the wind stopped, I opened my eyes. I touched the ground and realized where I was. It was a lake.
    “Welcome to Lake Moon.” Noah said as he realized I saw it.
    “And why is it called that?” I asked.
    “When the moon hit’s the lake, it is so beautiful it makes you fall in love with the person who is also at the lake , no matter how unbeautiful, cruel, or horrid they are, you fall in deep love with them.
    “That’s amazing. How long until the twilight?” I asked.
    “In five minutes.” He quietly replied. I felt butterflies flying in my stomach. I laid in the grass where I was standing and glared up at the sunset. It seemed like it was going faster than usual. I felt Noah lay down beside me and I turned to face him.
    “You’re different, in a good was, Desiree.” Noah said.
    “thank-you.” I shyly replied.
    “There’s no place I would rather be than here, with you, waiting for the lake’s love.” He said.
    I noticed in the corner in my eye a maiden who was also by the lake.
    “Who is that?” I asked Noah.
    “A maiden who’s name is Melisa.” He replied.
    I stood up and realized it was almost twilight. I stood up and I went up to the water. I slipped from the wet mud and plunged into the water. I was instantly out of Noah’s sight. He looked over the water to see if I was there but, alas, I was too under for him to see.
    I noticed it was twilight, for the water had gleamed baby blue and white, and t sparkled beauty and love. I was drowning in beauty, when suddenly, a figure came down and saved me and I passed out. I woke up later to find myself along the bank of the lake. I looked up for Noah and noticed he and the maiden had fallen in love under the spell of the lake.
    Noah had been holding the maiden close to him. He laughed and talked to her; I started to cry. I got up, and I plunged back into the water forcibly not breathing.
    It felt good, trying to die but I realized I wasn’t dying. I felt somebody with cold hands lift me out of the water and take me to land.
    Chapter three

    I coughed. I opened my eyes and realized I was in dry clothes, obviously different ones I had on before. I looked to my left and noticed I was in a corn field, out in the middle of no where. It was udder silence, with only the cawing of crows and ravens.
    I sat up and looked around. I stood up and walked down the field, tripping on the corn. I uncovered the last layer of corn and realized I was in the center of my town. It looked different from what it was now.
    The wind was cold and breezed through my hair. I walked down the dirt road that was by the field and stopped at the first sight of town. I then ran to my house, well in two-hundred years it will. I ran right past Noah as I entered, knowing he wouldn’t care. I glimpsed back after a little, and noticed he didn’t even try to look at me. I sighed. It was my fault I fell in the water in the first place, or else it would be different, probably better. But then again, he is two hundred years older than me, so it would have been weird.
    I knocked on the door and I noticed the Adam’s, the mayor’s, maid opened the door and called for him.
    “What is it Natalie?” Adam said.
    “A visitor, I have never seen her before.” the maid replied.
    “I’ll be down soon,” Adam yelled, “keep her entertained.”
    The maid took my shoes and placed them in a bin and told me to go sit in the parlor, or living room, while she put on some tea. I put my hand to the right, trying to grab the remote, not knowing it wouldn’t be there in the next hundreds of years.
    When the maid came back she gave me some tea and addressed me Adam was coming down in a minute. She smiled at me and left into the piano room, to me.
    I sat there rolling my spoon in my teacup, and then Adam came downstairs. I was amazed that the stairs didn’t creak.
    “Hello, Desert!” Adam said, very excited.
    “It is Desiree.” I laughed.
    “Right,” Adam said, “What brings you here today?”
    “I don’t have anywhere to go, really.” I replied.
    “Oh, I see.” Adam said.
    “Is it okay if I stay here for awhile?” I said.
    “Yeah, that’s fine.” Adam replied, “So… where are you from? I have never seen you before until Noah introduced me to you.” Adam said.
    “I’m not really…from here.” I replied quietly.
    “What? Oh, you’re from Loatherhome?”
    “No… I’m not really from here, here.”
    “Italy? Spain? Rome? Paris? Britain? Where?”
    “This is where you are, silly child.”
    “I’m came from two hundred years ahead of you. I don’t really know how I got here.”
    Adam gave me a strange look and thought I was crazy. I stopped talking and got up.
    “No, no please stay. You’re story is interesting.” Adam said. I sat back down.
    “Really? Well I need a way home…” I replied.
    “You should talk to Noah. He might know.” Adam said. I sighed when I heard his name.
    I walked out of the house and I went to the town gate, noticing instantly Noah was not there. I really didn’t care where he was, but I asked the guard by him where he went and the guard said he was at the South Side. I walked all the way to the other side of town.
    “Desiree?” Noah said.
    “Yes, Noah?” I replied.
    “I’m sorry.” Noah said. He gave me a hug and squished me.
    “For what?”
    “Not going down to get you. I had no idea where you went.”
    “Oh… it’s okay.”
    “No… its not. I thought you were dead!”
    “Really Noah, it’s okay.”
    “I’ll do what ever you want.”
    “Well… I need a way back home.”
    “Where too?”
    “The year 2009...”
    “I’m stuck here two hundred yeas before I was even alive, and I need a way back home.”
    “Hmmm… I would go see Johnny, the librarian. He might have some books to help you.” Noah replied.
    “Oh thank-you!”
    “Your-welcome. Now be off to get home.”
    I ran to a huge white-washed stoned building. I guess it was the librarian, but I recognized it as the town‘s court. I walked up the long staircase and opened the oak door, flinching at the sound of the high-pitched bell.
    “Hello there.” someone said. I looked past the one bookcase and saw the librarian, who’s name was Johnny.
    “Hi.” I replied. I tripped and fell into a pile of books.
    “Well aren’t you a clumsy little thing.” Johnny laughed. He helped me up and we piled the books back up.
    “I’m sorry about that.” I said.
    “ha-ha, it’s okay,” Johnny said, “and what might your name be?”
    “Desiree.” I replied.
    “Well that’s beautiful.”
    “Thanks” I blushed. I already knew his name so I didn’t ask just to fill in a conversation.
    “What are you here for?”
    “I am here for a book on how to get home, well two hundred years ahead.” I said, tired of repeating myself. Before Johnny replied me, he gave me three books and a membership card.
    “There you go.’ Johnny smiled.
    “Wow! Thanks a lot!” I replied.
    I walked out and I went back to Adam’s house, my house, to read. It wa almost twilight so maybe I would only get one or two pages in today. I didn’t even know where I was sleeping or what was going to happen to me.. But what I did know was that I was stuck here, and there was no way out unless I could find it.
    When I opened the door, I saw one of the maids showed me an empty spare bedroom by the ktichen, and I entered it. I curled up in a ball in a blanket on a bed. I put on the oil lamp and started reading. I soon fell asleep and I fell into a deep sleep.

    Chapter Four

    I had woken up at around noon and changed my clothes. I had put on a lilac dress. It was light and had not poofed out too much. I twirled around it, into the kitchen. I grabbed a muffin on a platter a house cleaner had offered me and I went outside.
    I breathed in the air and ate my muffin. It was incredibly good. I ran back inside and grabbed one of the books. I walked back outside and into one of the gardens. I sat in the iron chair by a table and opened the dusty book. I started reading.
    While I was reading, I noticed there were two gardeners that were watering the plants. I remember their names, Isabella and Alexandria, and the warning I had gotten from Noah. I tried not to eavesdrop, but they were too loud to ignore.
    “Did you hear?” Isabella said.
    “What?” Alexandria said.
    “Noah so totally was hitting on me the other day.” Isabella fantasized.
    “NO WAY!” Alexandria said. They both squealed and started to gossip about people I had never heard of. I had tried hard to read, and before I knew it, I was done with it.
    I looked up at the sky and it was only evening, so I had plenty of time to do other things. I saw fireflies dance around the garden and I joined them. I took off my heavy shoes and started to ballet. I laughed because the fireflies danced around me. I twirled and spun around, only interrupted by Isabella.
    “What do you think you’re doing?” Isabella said, being snotty.
    “Dancing, why? You have a problem?”
    “It’s horrible and I would rather have you stop…”
    “There’s nothing wrong with it.”
    “Ohh well you’re going to destroy them if you don’t STOP!” She said. I laughed under my breath because her voice was so nasally. She turned around and put her nose in the air.
    “I think you should stop wearing that dress. It’s soooo last century.” I commented. I broke out in laughter when Isabella turned around and gave me a strange look. I enjoyed making comebacks to those who were rude.
    I danced anyways and I twirled into the kitchen. Adam smiled at me and gave me an apple. I stopped dancing, curtsied, and said thank-you. I left to my bedroom and grabbed another book. I put the apple in my dress pocket and went back outside to read. When I walked outside, I was not alone this time, and it was not Isabella or Alexandria either.

    Chapter Five

    I recognized the person as William from the pine cathedral.
    “What was he doing here? Does he live here? Maybe I should talk to him.” I thought.
    “Hello!” I said.
    “Hello there, Miss. Desiree. How are you?” William replied.
    “Pretty good, how are you?” I asked.
    “Fair. What are you doing here?” William asked me.
    “I was about to ask you the same thing.” I said.
    “I am Adam’s son. I believe we met one night?” William asked me.
    “Yes, I believe we did.” I replied, smiling.
    “And then I saved you from the lake, twice.” William stated.
    “That was you?” I said in shock.
    “Indeed. You better be careful, you are a clumsy girl.” William commented. We both laughed.
    “Why did you leave me at the field though?” I asked in deep question.
    “Oh, I dropped you, and I thought I still had you when I was running. You must have woken up before I could get you back.” William confessed.
    “Thanks.” I shyly replied.
    “I must be going.” William said.
    “Me too, I’m reading.” I smiled.
    “Bye.” We both said.
    I sat back where I did before and started reading the book. It had a lot of information; it was talking about getting back by friendship and bonding. Nevertheless, I had to get the connection by a bracelet. It was in the book, and I put it on. I had to, according to the book; get a charm from each of the people I know well. There were seven charms. I wanted to get out here soon, so I decided to start obtaining charms tomorrow. It was twilight, so I went inside and went to bed.
    When I woke up early the next morning, I started my quest by talking to Adam.
    “Why yes, I do have an old charm somewhere.” He said, replying my asked question. He had his house cleaner, Linda, go up to his drawers and get the charm.
    When she brought it down, it had qualified as one of the charms; it was two lions back-to-back in a golden oval. I put it on my bracelet and left after breakfast.
    I left the mansion in a baby-blue short cut sundress, with matching flats. I walked around town and decided to go to Johnny. Maybe he had a charm I could use.
    I walked up the long staircase, again, and opened the door.
    “Hello, Johnny.” I said.
    “Hello there!” He said. His face was in a thick, long book.
    “Hey, I have a question about this bracelet.” I said, holding up my bracelet with the one charm on it.
    “Oh, yes. I was expecting you to come.” Johnny smiled. He opened one of the drawers in his mahogany desk and pulled out a beautiful jewelry box. He opened the second drawer and pulled out two charms, one had a book on it and the second had a tiger. He handed me them and we exchanged good-byes.
    I left the library with three out of seven charms. Noah was not at any of the gates, so I decided not too go look all day, so I returned to the mansion, my house, to read the final book I had received.

    Chapter Six

    When I woke up the next morning, I set out immediately after breakfast. I needed th charm from Noah. He was at the north gate today, and I approached him.
    “Need this?” Noah said, holding out a charm.
    “How’d you know?” I asked, amazed.
    “I talked to Johnny, he said you were collecting charms and I knew just what he was talking about. Here.” Noah said. He handed me a charm made of class, it was a cylinder made of glass that sparkled like the sun. I hugged Noah.
    “But…wait a minute.” I paused.
    “Yes?” Asked Noah.
    “I only have four of seven charms. Where do I get the other three?” I asked, concerned.
    “Oh, maybe you should ask Adam.”
    “I already did, Noah.” I replied.
    “Hm.” Noah said, completely confused.
    “Hm, indeed.” I copied.
    “Have you read the last book yet?” Noah asked.
    “No, I was only in one chapter and I fell asleep.” I relied. We both got ideas in our head, and we both knew what it was.
    I dashed back home, or Adam’s home, to finish the final book. I grabbed it in the living room when I got there, and I started to read it in the garden. Isabella and Alexandria’s conversation did not bother me today, I was to excited to get home.
    I zipped through the book and realized where I had to get them from. I went inside and found a piece of paper and a pencil feather. I started writing on a list:


    I went to Noah at the north gate and showed him the list. He observed it and told me whre to find them.
    “I will take you to Mellissa, Paris lives by the town’s general store, Jacque is my brother, and Natasha is two towns over, I can take you there, too.” Noah told me.
    “Thanks!” I said.
    “To Mellissa’s!” Noah said. He as quite happy, because well, he ’loved’ Mellissa. So we walked to Mellissa’s house. It was a small, well-built gray-colored house. I recognized that house anyday, though it had changed over two hundred years. People had built on, demolished, changed, modified, and so much more to it. Noah opened the door and called out to Mellissa. Mellissa was making a cake, she was in a apron with batter all over it. Her hair was in a bun and she was mixing something in a bowl. Noah came up to kiss her and she went into her ktichen.
    She welcomed us in, and we put our shoes outside and entered her small ktichen. Her kitchen was small; but yet it was cute. I sat on one of the chairs and so did Noah. When Mellissa put the cake to bake, we all went into the parlor. She took off her apron; revealing a beautiful golden dress I would die for. WE all took a seat on a sofa and started talking.
    “Mellissa, do you still have that charm I gave you?” Noah asked.
    “Why, yes. I do Noah. Do you want it?” Mellissa asked.
    “Yes, please dear.” Noah said. Mellissa left the room and went into a bedroom. In two minutes she came back and gave Noah the charm, and then he gave it to me. I put it on my bracelet. The charm was a thunderbolt and it was made of silver.
    We talked to each other for many hours. Noah and Mellissa were such a cute couple; it was like they were destined together; magic lake or not. Mellissa went back into the kitchen soon after, and pulled out a cake. She brought us out a piece. The cake was delicious. I wonder how the food they made tasted so much better.
    Noah and I left after about two hours to our next destination. I hugged Mellissa and thanked her for everything. It was dark when we finally reached the center of town, so we decided just to go home for the night and contiune the quest.
    Noah walked me to the mansion and we exchanged good-nights. I went into my temporary bedroom and went to sleep.

    Chapter Seven

    I woke up early in the morning. When I changed into a red sundress, I went into the kitchen and grabbed an orange and went outside to put my shoes on. I was greeted by Noah.
    “Good Morning!” Noah said. He was sure happy in the morning.
    “‘Morning.” I replied.
    “Off to Jacques‘?” Noah asked.
    “Yuppers.” I replied.
    We walked down the driveway and through town. We talked about basically boring stuff. You know weather and life… Then when we got there I recognized the house as my grandmother’s house. It looked the same just without all the flowers around it.
    Noah knocked on the door and a woman with a small child answered it.
    “Hello.” She said.
    “Hello Mrs. Smith.” Noah said.
    “Come in Noah.” Mrs. Smith smiled.
    We both entered the house and were greeted by Jacque.
    “What brings you here today, Mr. Noah?” Jacque asked.
    “I’m here for a charm for a bracelet.” Noah said, holding my hand up showing my bracelet. Before anyone could answer, Mrs. Smith was by Noah holding a charm. It seems like everyone knew what was going on. Noah put the charm on my bracelet.
    Even though we got what we wanted, we sat down and talked to Jacque and his wife. Mrs. Smith gave us tea and we talked for hours. When we realized it was almost noon, we said good-bye to them and were off to our final destination, Natasha. She was farther away so it would take more than one day to get there. Noah handed me a backpack filled with my stuff. I didn’t ask how he got it; or even why he did. We walked out of town and into some woods.

    To be continued...