• amaya picked up her diary and opened it to the first page. it read:
    tuday momy baut me this diry, it has lots off pajes. wile we wer shopng, i sa a braslet i wantd, momy baut it fer me. then we at lunch at a park. tuday was fun!. amaya remenced those days. "*sigh* so much has changed." amaya reminced. "amaya-chan!!!!!! hurry or well be late!!!!!!" her sister yelled. "hai!!!!!!!" she yelled "wah!!!! i mean yeah comming!!!!!" she corrected. in the neiborhood amaya lived in, it was forbidden to speak japanese. amaya hated it. it was hard to do. but with the new mayor of the town being raical, nobody could do much of anything about it. amaya walked down staires and sat down at the table, "geez!" she said banging her head on the table. "its not that bad amaya-chan, you should really wake up now!" when amaya looked up she was staring into a tornados eyes. when amaya closed and opened her eyes again she found her body was being jolted "AHHH!" she said as her body fell onto the floor she looked up to she her blankets on the floor and her sister ayame holding them. "i finally got you awake!!! i told you 15 minutes ago!!!!!! hurry or well be late!!!!!!!!!" ayame said "*pwew* just a dream" amaya said "eh? the one about the raicial mayor?
    " ayame asked amaya nodded.