• Chapter 1

    “ I am the cure to both of my people vampire and human alike only I am the savvier to and key to them”, my mother looked over at the clock. “ I will tell you more tomorrow, now you need to rest. School will be hard for you to do”, I laughed.
    “ Mama kindergarten isn’t hard its easy”, she laughed with me. “ Well it was hard for me when I was your age,” I got in bed and pulled the bed sheets up to my shoulders and lead my head on my blue pillow. My mother leaned down to kiss my forehead, “ Night my angel”, she walked over to the door and turned the light off. The darkness welcomed me in and so did I, every know and then I could here someone whisper my name. It helped me sleep in a worm but scary way, but it helped me sleep faster.

    “Anglia, get out of bed your going to be late for school again”, I dragged myself out of bed and into the sink in my bathroom. The cold water felt good on my face, the door opened behind me and my mom walked in. “ So do you want me to drive you to school or will you make it on the bus if you run like a mad man”, I laughed. My mother had her yellow dress on that went well with her light brown hair, her cheeks where always rose pink. But mom’s eyes took my breath away, if you look close you can see green in her brown eyes which is really rare.
    “ Sorry I had to do my algebra that I didn’t finish in class yesterday”, she looked at me funny. “ You didn’t finish in class are you feeling ok, you always finish your work at school. Was it a little hard, I can show you some things I know if it will help.”
    “ No I’m good, the teacher was showing me something in class and it took some of my time in class to do it. Plus mom your not good at algebra, I mite not be smart like the other kids in school but at lest I’m getting the basic stuff”, she patted my back and walked out of my room. I wish I had a walk in closet but all I had was a small one it couldn’t even hold my shoe’s there all under my bed. I grabbed my green black pants and a white shirt, I put half of my hair up and the rest down on my shoulders. I grabbed my bag that was next to the door and pulled it over to my desk where I had my books out, I shaved them in and put my back pack on and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen go get a pop tarts then I saw a letter with a rose on it, I picked up the rose and smelled it. I looked at the letter,

    Dear Anglia,

    Soon you will be under my wing again, nothing will harm you as long as you are next to me. The rose is a gift from me to you, you will not remember me but I remember you. Soon all will be reveled, soon I promise.

    Yours truly

    How was this person, I walked outside to find my mom in the car. I hesitated then walked over to my moms window, she stopped the car and got out to see what was I doing.
    “ What is it you look pale”, I held out my hand and gave her the letter. She looked at it the looked a the rose in my other hand, then looked down at the letter again.
    “ What does it mean all will be reveled soon”, my mother was silent. She shook her head then folded the letter up and put it in her pocket.
    “ Its nothing lets go your late already”, I got in the car with out saying anything. She was looking every where then went on, she looked frightened by something. I haven’t seen my mom like this in a long time, it happened when I was in kindergarten. We got to school in ten minutes, the car stopped and I opened the door.
    “ Mom take it easy”, she smiled at me.
    “ I will always love you no matter what,” I waved good by and walked to my locker. All of my classes where ok until I got to algebra, the teacher was acting really weird. The bell rang and I turned in my notes and my paper.
    “ Anglia what is this”, I turned around to see what he was talking about. “ What sir,” he held my paper out that I turned in.
    “ I said what is this, its not the work that we did yesterday. What are you trying to do”, I walked over and took the paper out of his hands. It wasn’t the paper I did last night, I pulled my backpack off and looked through it.
    “ I had it just a minute ago, I worked on it all last night,” I pulled out all my books. Still nothing.
    “ Let me look for it again, but if you find it it will be a fifteen points off just so you know”, I shook my head.
    “ It was in here I know it was”, he patted my shoulder.
    “ It still mite be at your house, if not do it again.”
    “ You don’t get it, I put it in my bag this morning. It was all on my desk in my room, I put everything in my bag. Mom going to kill me I know she will”, he just shook his head.
    “ Fine I will let this on slide, but if you find it turn it in”, I shook my head yes and walked to my next class. How was I going to tell mom about this, I should just look for it first. If I still can’t find it I will do it again, I really need to pass algebra. The rest of my classes up to lunch where easy, only two more classes until school ends. Everything else was easy to my but algebra, and history is so interesting wars and find land that are know cities. The bell rang and everyone ran to meet there friends before they go home, me I don’t really talk to anyone. I am always doing homework and never really go to the mall. The ride home went by faster then any other day, a few other kids got off with me to walk to there house down the street. My moms car wasn’t in the drive way which was really odd, she’s always home when I come home. But thinks change when your in high school, like the bed time story’s stopped when I was six. I pulled out my keys and opened the door, all the lights where out and no one was inside. I turned on the kitchen light and nothing was there, I started to walk upstairs to my room until I herd a whisper. Anglia. I jumped at the voice and looked around to see how said my name, but no one was here. I put my backpack on my bed and walked back downstairs to find out where the voice come from. I looked in the living room, the kitchen, and the garage but nothing came up. A car pulled in and I went outside to see how it was, my mom got out of the car.
    “ Oh your home that’s good, do you want to go shopping at the mall for more cloths I want to get you a dress or something”, I laughed at how she is ok know but this morning she was scared.
    “ Ok let me go get my stuff wait in the car,” I ran to my room and grabbed my wallet and ran back to the car. It didn’t take long to get to the mall, my mom was so happy about something but what was she happy about.
    “ Ok so what’d that get-up”, she looked at me then looked back at the road.
    “ What get-up I saw some good sales and you mite like some of the cloths there”, I just looked at her. What was she hiding, it must be something fun or something bad but mostly fun. We got to the parking lot and parked in the back, we got out and went inside. I has been a whole cents I have last been here, I walked over to one of the stores. I looked behind me to talk to my mom, she was still at the door. I walked back over to her to ask what she was doing, but she talked first. “ You go ahead and look in a few stores I will meet you back here a six”, I nodded.
    “ Ok see you at six”, she walked off then faded in the crowed of people. I walked back to the shop I was just in, they had a good sale like she said. I got a blue dress that was more like a prom dress but shorter, and a greed shirt. The next shore had a blue pare of shoes that went well with the blue dress, I also found a good pare of blue jeans. I had three bags and only had four dollars to my name, people where gathering around something. I pushed and pulled past people to see how the person was, it was my mom!