• My wondering about the boy almost made me forget that I had a bus to catch.
    "OH-" I said. I was shoving out a crowd of talking teens. Afterwards, I was suddenly outside.
    Bus sixteen, still there, but about to leave. I have to hurry!
    "WAIT! WAIT UP!!!!!" I shouted. The bus suddenly opened. Inside, was an haggary, old woman.
    "Hurry up and find a seat," she said,"We're about to leave."
    Like I already knew that.
    "Hey Emily, sit here." Jamie said quietly, patting a seat next to her, and that's where I sat.
    Then, a black-haired boy with pale skin stood up, following with Erik. I'm just surprized that the bus driver didn't notice.
    "See, Michael, I told you there was a new girl today." Erik said. The boy extended his arm so that I can shake it. "Michael Nixton." he said.
    "Elizabeth Stoner." I said. I then extended my arm and shook it. I looked at Brenda. She was with the british-blondie again. They both were laughing and holding a notebook that said: BRENDA AND SHANNON'S NOTEBOOK. I then looked at Mike. He was listening to his Ipod. He was wearing a pair of dark pants with holes in them, a black shirt, a My Chemical Romance zip-up jacket, and black heeleys, with a spiked choker, and peircings on his nose and lips. It was a detention waiting to happen. I then found the boy, the one who was acting like Edward Cullen. Suddenly, He was staring....at me!!!
    EEEEPPP!, I thought, HE'S STARING AT ME!!!!
    I turned the other way.
    "Cool backpack." I heard Jamie said. Why would she like my darkish-purple and black backpack from Aeropostale, especially since it has buittons on it?
    "Who's that?" I said. "Oh, that's James Michaels, he's really weird, weird like a vampire."
    Join the party, Jamie.
    Then, the bus stopped at our house. While we were heading out, I heard many goodbyes from my new friends, and only one for Brenda.
    After a whole afternoon of homework, afternoon suddenly faded into evening. I decided to go downstairs. My bed is like a black witch. It has four black pillows, a big black cover, and a black sheet underneath. beside was a nightstand with a lamp and tons of CDs. all over the walls were covered with poasters of Flyleaf, Sick Puppies, Fall from Grace, and Boys like Girls. on the wall far from my bed was a HDTV and a wood-wall thingy that held all of my photos, especially my dad, who died from a brain tumor three years ago.
    Downstairs, I saw mom watching the National Democratic show. I could not belive mom would call something so boring, entertainment. I found my siblings and dog. Friday was sleeping, Mike was listening to his Ipod, and Brenda was reading Eclipse.
    "Done." she said, throwing the book to the ground.
    "Could you obiously pick it up?" she said, still stairing at the telivision.
    I looked at the scars on her hands. Three years ago, when dad died, Brenda was in depression, so she cut herself. She's better now, but she choose to be a goth, she gave me the chocker when she was out of it.
    I grabbed a TV dinner and ate. It was raining out, and I was asleep when it was at a quieter drizzle, a few minutes past midnight.