• Wind picked up the loose sand, throwing it against the stand still legs. The air was thick with silence, fear, blood. Heavy boots shifted inthe packed earth, rubbing the grains of minerals together. A deep rumble started in the figure’s stomach then crept up his throat and out of his mouth.The laugh was harsh and evil.

    His black eyes stared humorously at the still blood bathed bodies and the one that was twitching in agony. This was one was still alive,but it would not be for long. The figure lifted his magnum, pinching one eye shut. The trigger was pulled, the sound exploding in the dead silence. The twitching figure froze, blood pouring from the area of where one of its eyes were.

    He barked out in laughter again as the others watched in horror. From behind the figure arose three red creatures. Their fur short, shoulders broad. The snouts of these beasts were wrinkled and long. The eyes soulless. Short spikes were dotted alone the spinal cord. The red fur was a deep blood soaked crimson. The muscles under the fur flexed and bulged with ever breath.

    Two sets of horns grew out the sides of the scalp. The smell of decay and rot emitted from the demonic creatures mouths. They panted from the dryness of the air. The figure lifted his free arm up, stepped back, and snapped his fingers. Time slowed in that millisecond as the frequencies rippled in the air. As soon as the sound touched the canal of the creatures’ ears, they were off.

    The creatures extended their deadly, blood-caked claws as they sprinted towards the running crowds of people. They were doomed. The thought was the one common thing they all had. Screams of pains and death rang into the sky as the beasts took pleasure into devouring the blood of their falling victims. The smell of blood was thick in the air.

    Then the sound of salvation. A gun shot. The bullet seemed to have struck one of the beasts. At first it seemed unfazed, then the beast howled in pain. Blood burst from its mouth. The force of all the gushing blood made the beasts eyes burst from the eye sockets. The bulging muscles were eaten away until all that was left was bones and flabby flesh.

    The figure turned his head ninety degrees to the west and saw a figure lowering a revolver. A wide brimmed hat shadowed its face and a black scarf covered the nose down. The only noticeable feature was the glowing red eyes. A large black overcoat covered up most of outfit.

    Y-You! What the ******** did you do to my pet!?”The b*****d demanded.

    BasCelik you should have known better than to have come to the desert. Water doesn’t roam flow freely here.” The hooded figure said. The voice was a soft soprano. It was now clue the figure was a woman.

    BasCelik’s eyes widened and he stumbled back some. He was terrified of the woman. He had heard tells of this woman. The killer of demons,of the damned. The arcane magic user. She turned their own magic against them, infusing it with something that could kill any sort of being of damnation.

    It’s time, BasCelik. But I do have aquestion, who has favored you so as to give you a small troop of Adlet?”She asked him.

    With everything step she progressed, he retracted, the Adlet flowing close behind him. They didn’t want to end up like their brother. They watched as she withdrew her revolver again, snapping open the chamber. From her waist, she pulled out a vial shaped bullet. Its cap was silver, the body glass that contained a burben color, the other end as silver. She shook slightly, activating the arcane magick. She loaded it, repeated the same process two more times.

    Goodbye BasCelik. Inform your boss that I’m coming for him.” She said, lifting her gun and firing.

    She didn’t even bother pinching her eye and trying to get a precise aim. She always had precise aim. That was her advantage in battle. The other two Adlet howled in pain, blood bursting from every possible opening, muscles eaten again, then they dropped. The same thing was happening toBasCelik.

    As he withered in pain, she stood over him, watching the blood seep from his pores. He looked at her with dying eyes. He tried to lift his now boney hand toward her, but he was too weak. His time was fading fast, but he needed to know. He needed to know the name of the woman of the damned.

    Your name…” BasCelik requested. His last request.

    She leaned down to get close to him. She figured she’d give the dying beast a last request.