• A guy was sitting on his bed, playing video games with his friends. They all heard a chirp outside and looked out the window. A bird seemed to be flying into the guy's house. Only one of his friends realized they had built a next on their gutter. They all went back and sat on the bed, listening to the bird.
    “You got the money?”
    “Yeah boss, it's right here. All fifty million.
    “Fifty Million? You were supposed to get a hundred Million!”
    “ah crap!”
    “You mess up a simple thing like this and your dead!, stupid, stupid duck!” Gunshot. A noise that sounds like falling, Followed by the guy and his friends screaming. The bird, gun in hand, hopped into the window.
    “So we got some rats in here eh!” The bird said and shot two rounds in the air. He held one of the boys at gunpoint.
    “Holy crap dude!” said the guy.
    “So, I leave the scene and you don't say a word to the cops or your dead! Your dead! Capishe?” The boy just nodded as the bird escaped out the window. Cop cars pulled up sirens blaring.
    “That duck must have been a rat!” He came back in from the window, holding the gun to the guy.
    “were going to your garage. Move!” The guy and his friends went to the garage, where his dad's brand new Ferrari shined its beauty.
    “Get in the car and drive.” All of them got in the car, the guy driving with a gun to his head. The left the garage and drove out of the suburb. The soon ended up on the east side of the city, and out of nowhere was a bird call screaming. The bird looked up.
    “Bang!” The sniper bullet hitting him square in the forehead. Greg sat on top of the roof for a while to drink his juice, then he was gone.