• Dialogue= Artamis and Apolla are two sisters with odd powers. Artamis controls everything at night but is nearly powerless in the morning and same with Apolla. Only thing is that a prophesy is fortold about them....and the end of the world. Yep no big deal...(!)

    "Get....UP. NOW!"
    Artamis throws a pillow at Apolla.
    "You Nitwit. Its 3 in the flipping morning!"
    "Ever heard of sleep?!?!"
    "Yeah I do it at night!"
    "!@!? off"
    "I'll get light on you...and your very pale skin..."
    "!@!? OFF!!!! I said Beat IT!!!"
    "Come lightie, lightie..."
    "I'll dye your hair! PINK!!!!"
    "No you flippin' won't!"
    "Girls will you SHUT UP!"
    "Still your fault..."
    "Oh thats it!! Eat light Vampy!!!"
    "Byebye, radient, silky hair...."
    "Ok Mum!"
    "Here lightie...."
    "You dare."
    "I am very twisted this morning..."
    "THIS MORNING?!|?!Every morning!!!"
    "Just make breakfast Vampy."
    "Idiot can't make her own breakkie..."