• I slammed my body flat against the wall.I knew what to do.Kill him.Kill the man that killed my teammate,my brother.My friend that i known for as long as i can remember and he is gone.I was so full of anger.I had to stop him.Just to get him to stop this killing spree in the base.I peeked around the corner,and I saw him...gunning down a recruit,right before my very eyes.The poor guy slammed onto the floor..his lifeless eyes,staring at me.At that point,i was pissed.
    I sprinted around towards him and shouted 'stop you b*****d!' and as I brought my rifle up to eye level,I felt something hot and dry lick my skin.
    My whole entire body was engulfed in fire. I felt my soul being plucked out of a place I call a body,my home and shelter.Everything was speeding passed me.My life,my memories,even my brother... I will see him soon... in the place where I belong.

    I felt my feet touch the ground.It was white everywhere,like in the middle of winter.But not as cold.Not even as hot like the dead of summer.The clouds were so fluffy,I was calm...knowing i wasn't going to be harmed.It was pure peace.

    Then,I saw him.The lord himself.The one who saved us all.Saved us from the terrible place of hell and fire. He came up to me and said,in such a low and musical voice,
    "My son.You time on earth was so short.You haven't found what its like,To live life to the fullest."
    "But,my lord," i started till he brought up his large,ancient hand to stop me.
    "Go my son... and live life."
    And I felt the dizziness I experienced on my way here.I landed,in my body,and I heard a frantic voice.
    "Brad,BRAD! are okay!?" Mum asked,panic in her voice.
    "Mum..." i groaned with agony.But,I noticed James,lying next to me,alive,and i was so overwhelmed with emotions.Happiness,joy,and relief.
    "Oh My Goodness! Brad! I thought we lost you!" she said,tears in her beautiful green eyes.
    "The fire just licked the skin,but you have a third degree burn! Oh My Goodness! I'm so glad you two are here! back on this earth!"
    "So am I mum..."James and I said in harmony.
    We all hugged and said our prayers to the lord... graceful to be alive.Tears started to flow down my face....I was so happy to have a second chance.

    Epilogue: My mother said that I had a burn on my torso area and my left arm.... it doesn't hurt much now but back then...it hurt like hell. James was shot in the shoulder-blade,so he was alive.
    I dropped out of the military and started a little shop with James. So we live a nice peaceful life.I got married.... and so is James.

    Mum comes by every once in a while to say hi and give a prayer for luck.

    "Live life to the fullest and meet god as a gift...of thanks."