• “TRICK OR TREAT” They screamed as the door opened. Their bags where getting heavier and heavier, and even though they ate all they could, they couldn’t catch up with the flow of candy that landed in their bags. Emma laid her arms around her two best friends as the walked down the street.
    “Isn’t this just great? I think we have beaten last year’s record. And Lora, do you have any more of those eye things, I could do with one more of those!” She laughed.
    Lora started looking though her bag and finally found one.
    “Last one. But that’s a good thing, I have been afraid you where going to explode or something.” Lora smiled and gave her the eyeball candy thing.
    “Hay Jess, you are a bit silent... What’s the matter?” Emma asked and looked at Jess.
    “Just tired that all... We have been walking for the last... Umm” She said while looked at her watch and tried to put on the light so she could see the display. Her head ached and her body felt weak from the long walk.
    “3 hours... And there’s still 2 hours until the police comes and kicks every body home.” Lora said and putted her cell phone back in her pocket.
    The tree girls walked down another empty street and started heading for downtown, laughing and sinning.
    When they finally came to downtown, it was almost midnight. The streets where almost empty, except a few other trick or theaters that hadn’t given up haunting down the easy candy.
    “Gosh, I’m gona be sooo fat after this” Emma almost screamed as she started looking through her bag after something interesting candy to eat. The stores in downtown had just putted out a bowl with candy people could take of so they didn’t have to open the door every some one came. The tree witch dressed girls wondered around in the town taking all the candy they could. As tired as they where after another hour of haunting down candy they found an ally where they could sit down and relax for a couple of minutes before they would start heading home.
    “Did you know, that they say that the dead arises on Halloween and kills every one in their path that has been naughty and is dressed like one of them?” Emma said with a twisted voice.
    “Baah, that’s something Parents tell their children so they won’t stay out too late...” Jess laughed.
    “My parents used to tell me that if I didn’t go to bed, the Boggy man would eat me... I actually believed it for a long time, until I saw that movie... What was it called? Oh yes, Nightmare before Christmas, I thought the Boggy man there was soooo cute, so I started staying up late so I could meet him.. But he never came..” Lora said with a grin.
    “Lol Lora.. You are the only person that can happen to... My parents just told me, if I didn’t go to bed, they would ground me!” Jess said remembering once she tried to stay up, but was caught, and was grounded for two weeks.
    They all laughed.
    “I wonder.. Should we stay here and see if it’s true?” Emma said with an ironic voice.
    “See what?” Jess asked confused.
    “See if the dead are going to arise and kill every one.” Emma said in a scary voice.
    “What in the hell are we going to tell our parents? I mean, my parents are going to kill me if I don’t come home at 1 o’clock...” Lora sighed.
    “Just tell them, that Jacob and Loris invited us for a drink...” Emma grinned.
    “Haven’t they moved to the other side of town?” Lora asked and looked confused.
    “Yaeer.. They did... But your parents don’t know that.” Emma said and started looking for more goodies in her bag.
    Jess looked around in the ally. It was small, but pretty nice. It was clean, and the moon shined down from the top. Emma and Lora argued about what to tell their parents why they where out so late, while Jess looked around, stuck in her own thoughts. Tired and thirsty, she started thinking about her warm bed, waiting on her at home. But she couldn’t just leave her two best friends. The thoughts played around in her head, until she finally stood up.
    “Hay... Can’t we go home...? I’m reaaally tired...” Jess said and looked at the two witches who still sat there, looking tired too. There was a long moment of silence. But it was soon broken by Emma.
    “What in the Hell are you looking at?” She asked and stood op. Lora and Jess both looked towards the street. And young girl stood with big green eyes, looking at them. She seemed scared, or perhaps it was just because she was shy.
    “I-I wanted to ask if I could get a little of your candy. Some big boys stole all of mine.. And if you would walk me home?” She asked and looked at the ground. Emma Grinned.
    “You want some candy ey?!” Emma laughed.
    “Well.. SURE!” Emma started throwing the last bits of candy that was left in her bag against the girl. Emma has always been the meanest, and especially when she was tired, as she was now. Lora laughed and joined the throwing of candy. The girl stood shaking holding her hands up high so she could protect her self. Normally Jess would just stick up with it, but this was too much.
    “Stop it... Lora, Emma, you are hurting her... Why are you doing this? It’s not her fault...” Jess cried. Emma and Lora just laughed. Jess looked at the girl with fear. She didn’t know what to do. The girl’s skin was full of small cuts from the hard plastic rappers that Emma was throwing.
    “Jesi. Why in the hell aren’t you joining us.. Perhaps you don’t want to be our friend anymore?” Emma said with her twisted voice.
    “Yaer.. Come on Jess.. This is actually fun..” Lora grinned.
    “I-I want to be your friend... But this is too much... You are hurting her... Look at her!” Jess almost screamed. Emma and Lora had stopped throwing the candy and looked at Jess.
    “By the way... Where did she go?” Lora asked as she looked back at the place the girl had been standing.
    “She has probably runned home. Ok. I had my fun. Let’s go.” Emma grinned and started walking towards the street. Lora and Jess followed. Just before they had reached the street, a cold chill ran down their backs as a demonic voice came from the ally.
    “All ready leaving? Why... That’s too bad. Because the fun has just started!”
    They all turned around and looked back. It was hard to see what it was, but in the moon light they could see a figure crawling on the wall. Suddenly it turned into a smoke like substance and gathered it self on the top of the wall again. They looked up at it. Green eyes flashed in the moon light.
    “You failed the test.” It said with a laugh. They stood frozen to the spot looking at the creature. It raised its hand and started pointing at Emma.
    “Why You... Emma, Emma, Emma... I knew you would be the first to fail. Trying to play cool has taken the best of you... And Lora... Sweet little Lora, why did you join her? Is it because you wanted to show that Emma was not the only person who could be the cool one?” It snared. Jess waited for it to name her. But it didn’t. Actually it was like it didn’t even see her. It once again disappeared into the smoke like substance and reappeared by the end wall of the ally. They stood looking at the girl creature. It was the girl, no doubt, but there where something different. Her eyes where bigger, Jess sweared that she saw something that could be a tail play around behind her, and she was completely dark, even though she stood in the moon light. She was like a shadow. As the creature raised it hands again, Jess felt the fear grow. She wanted to step back, but couldn’t. Jess stood in the middle of her two best friends, just like her, they couldn’t move. Then, with out a sound, something came out from the wall and roared against them. Jess looked in horror as the things came near and near in high speed. The ducked, but could hear the ripping sound of her two friends speared by the things that had come. She felt the warm blood drip down her back and over her neck. In fear she looked at Emma and Lora, what seemed to be giant barbwire had gone through her two friend’s body. It seemed to be alive, because it has wrenching and turning like a snake. Jess could hear Emma and Lora gasping for air. The giant barbwires started to retract. Smaller wires started to spring out from the big once and began to spear Emma and Lora’s bodies. Jess watched in horror as their almost lifeless bodies where sewed onto the wall by the wires. The girl stood just underneath them, moving her hands in elegantly around, controlling the wires. Jess looked at Lora, two wires had gone through her eyes and where playing around in the blood red eye sockets. Regretting she had looked at Lora she closed her eyes and started praying to this was just a dream. She felt something sharp wiggling around her feet. As she looked down, she saw the wire was slowly wrapping her in. She could see the blood float from where the wire was, the pain was so huge, that she didn’t even feel it. She fell to the ground. This was going to be her death. She knew it. She closed her eyes as she felt the wire start wiggling around her hands. It was almost up by her next, when she felt a cold breath on her face. It smelled of blood.
    “What do you want?” Jess said trying to sound braver than she actually was.
    “Good question Jessicka Avigel. Yes... I know you name. I also know where you live... I know every thing about you, and your friends, and everybody in the world. I can see inside their soul you see. And that why I chose you and your two friends to be tonight’s victims. You didn’t exactly fail the test, but you where together with them who did. That is why you will pay too.”
    “What was the test?” Jess asked. She could feel the wire had stopped moving, she hoped that keeping the girl talking, would let her stay alive longer.
    “Glade you ask.” The girl said. Her green eyes looked nice and warm.
    “Well. The test was, if your friends would finally be nice, to someone who actually needed their help. But I knew all ready you would fail, except you.... I had hoped that you would start throwing candy too. But then again... Now, I can use you to something much more interesting. Let us just say, that new players will soon be in the game.” The girl laughed. Jess thought about it was amazing at how well she talked. After all, it was just a little girl. But the way she spoke, reminded Jess of the way her grand mother used to speak. Almost like she was the queen, or some other royal person.
    “Please, just let me go... I don’t want to die!” Jess cried. The fear had stroked her, and she couldn’t take it anymore.
    “DIE?! No... Not now... As I said, I found something much more useful for you to do. But then when you have finished your new destiny... You shall die... But will you ever figure out what it is? Well... That is the question.” She grinned and stood up. Once again she raised her hand, and Jess’s scream was drowned underneath the wires that crawled around her face. The spikes on it cute her skin and the blood floated out.
    “I am the Apocalypse“She heard as the last thing before despairing into the darkness.

    The next morning, the sound of people talking and the sound of an ambulance awoke Jess. She looked around. Most of the wires where still wiggled around her body, but her face was free. She looked up trying to make her eyes see clearly. But everything was burry.
    “She’s awake!” Jess could hear someone scream. Still blinking she tried to make out where she was. Slowly her eyes started to make every thing clear again. She was still by the ally. Still hanging on the wall, were Lora and Emma. The Barbwire was still sticking though them. A woman game up to Jess and looked at her.
    “How are you? I’m Inspector Dera, and I want to ask, what happened?” The woman said while showing her badge.
    “Dera, give the girl a break, look at her, she has lost a lot of blood. And we better get her on the hospital...” One of the Ambulance guys said. Dara nodded and stood up. Jess felt that she was lifted up in the air as they moved her into the ambulance. Jess fell a sleep instantly, she didn’t even feel all the equipment the putted on her.

    Jess opened slowly her eyes... Again, her eyes couldn’t see anything. But soon after, she saw clearly. She sighted as he sat up. Looking around in the dark room, she realized that she was in the hospital. Her body was in a horrible pain and she was hungry. Too weak to stand up, she lay down again and looked around. She could see the moon and the stares outside the window, a nice aroma of flowers roamed the room and the bed was warm and soft. She thought about what the girl had said: “I found something much more useful for you to do. But then when you have finished your new destiny... You shall die...”..... The fears stroke her again. What did it mean? What is the destiny? She closed her eyes again and tried to fall asleep. But it wasn’t easy. But finally asleep she was.

    Down the first corridor, then the next, then around the corner, though the big opening hall and down the stairs to the dungeon. Jess ran all she could; her body was aching and her head spinning with head aches. Not knowing where she was going, but knowing that if she didn’t run all she could, she would die, she ran, and ran, until she came to a big wooden door. Her bare feet where cold, and her pajamas ripped apart, after running though the rose garden, she stood there looking at the door, trying to catch her breath. She looked behind her and saw the green eyed girl’s shadow slowly move towards the corridor Jess was standing in. With out thinking she opened the door and ran through it. Jess bumped into something hard and cold. It was Emma and Lora’s dead bodies, hanging from the selling, staring at her with empty eye sockets. She wanted to turn back, but just as she was about to reach the door, it slammed, and she could hear the locking system lock. The sound of chains moving came from behind her. She looked at Emma and Lora, they where still in their Witch outfits, and they where jerking and twisting. Then, just as fast as they had begun, they stopped. Hanging still once again, deadly still. She could hear whispering. It became louder and louder, and she soon realized that it was Lora and Emma whispering. They where speaking a language that Jess didn’t know. As Jess started to feel the fear come to her again, she ran over to the door, and tried to open it, with out luck. It was locked, and there weren’t even a window in the room. But still there was light. Jess screamed at she felt a cold hand touch her arm, as she opened her eyes and sat up. She was breathing heavily. Just a couple of seconds later, she realized, and she was still in the hospital. She looked at the shocked nurse that had been the one who had touched her arm. Apparently she must be new, Jess thought as the nurse shock her head and got a hold of her self.
    “D-did you have a-a nightmare?” The nurse asked still in shock?
    “W-was it about your two friends? Or do you even know happened? I’m very sorry if I freighted you.. I was just told to go check how the healing of your scares was.. And and..” The Nurse spooked her head again, and sat down. Another nurse came running though the door.
    “I hears screams.. What happend?” She said looking around the room.
    “Sorry.” Jess mumblede..
    “I Guess it was me.. I was in the middle of a dream when..” Jess said as she sat up and putted her head in her hands.
    “When I came a awoke you.. I’m reaally sorry..” The first nurse said still kinda shocked..
    “Oh.. Ok.. Well.... I’m glad to see you have awaken.. Your parents left this morning for work. They have been here staying by your side since they found you.. You have been sleeping for about a week..” The second hurse said.
    “Karen... Why don’t you go and tell Miss Grenderson to call Jessicka’s parents, and tell them she has awakened? Then I will look at the scares...” The second nurse said friendly to the first one... Karen nodded and walked out the door in a hurry...
    “Hi, my name is Isabel. This will maybe hurt a little...” She said with a nice and warm voice as she started to take off one of the bandages. It didn’t hurt that badly, but Jess could feel it.
    “You where lucky...Most of the spikes hadn’t gone that fare into your skin, so the most of them will heal by them self... Sorry I’m asking... But how did you end up in there? You know, in the barbwire role thingy?” She asked carefully.
    “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.. I don’t even believe it.. Are Emma and Lora dead?” Jess asked. She could feel the tears start building up in her eyes, even though she all ready knew the answer, she asked anyway. The nurse took a beep breath..
    “I’m sorry...” The nurse said looking at Jess with worried eyes...
    “It’s ok... It was in a way their fault I ended up there... “Jess said angrily. She missed them, yes, but now she hated them. Because of them, she could die any minute. Karen came back, she seemed calmer now.
    “They are on their way.. Is there anything I can get you?” She asked Jess with a tiny bit of shock hidden in her voice.
    “Something to eat and drink would be nice..” Jess said with a smile... Karen nodded.
    “Hay.. I’m really sorry I scared you.. I had this dream.. And actually I was really glad that it was you who had touched my arm, and not.. Well.. Thanks by the way..” Jess said to Karen as Karen started to walk out the door. Jess had a hard time telling about the green eyes girl. But she knew that sometime, before or later, she had to tell.

    The rest of the day went pretty well. Jess’s mother had nearly crushed Jess’s bones when she gave her a huge hug. And they had brought nice gifts. The rest of the family had come later on the after noon, and the table next to Jess’s bed wasn’t big enough for all the flowers and gifts.
    The next days went mostly with sleeping and TV. Recovering from the scares and holes made by the wires was actually all right. They where nice on the hospital, and they normally let you do almost what ever you wanted. Jess’s parents had come with Jess’s computer and Play station. And with hole new games as the Sims 2 and the newest Harry Potter game for play station, time went pretty fast.
    Every thing went wonderfully, until Dera came in the door.
    “I’m Inspector Dera. I don’t know if you remember me. But I was the one talking to you just before they loaded you onto the ambulance. “
    “I remember you all right..” Jess murmured..
    “Ok.. Well.. I think you know why I’m here. I know that this might make you sad, and its okay if you cry.. I understand this can be hard but..”
    “You know, just come with it. I already cried my tears over Lora and Emma. Even though I loved them, they where my best friends ever. They weren’t nice. It was their fault I ended up in this.” Jess said and sat up.
    “Yes. Ok. Yaer. You have to tell me what happened.” Dera said in a very serious voice.
    “Umm.. Well... The sad thing is just... Hm.. I don’t think you will be able to believe me.. What happened was soo.. soo insane, and extreame, that explaining it is going to be hard...”
    “Its always hard.. I know.. But try your best.”
    Jess began to explain what she remembered. But she knew she was missing important information. When Dera left, with out a word when Jess was finished, Jess lay back on her bed and started thinking, what was it she was missing? She had told about Emma and Lora throwing candy, she had told about the wires.. She had told about what she and the creature had talked about... What was it?
    The days at the hospital grew more and more boring.. Dera came every day and asked Jess to tell the truth. And her Play station was broken, because it became over heated one day. And Jess wasn’t allowed to eat candy. She never understood why. And her parents where busy, so the only came to see her once a week. The wounds the wires had made wouldn’t heal; Jess thought it was because it was magic wires. But the doctors meant it was because of a so called week blood symptom. Or something like that.
    The good thing was that they started to let her go for walks alone. One day, walking around in the hospital park, she sat down on a bench. A couple of minutes later, another girl came, she was playing a song on her cell phone. Jess could just bearly hear what they sang.
    “Brings you fear?
    Brings you near?
    Kills all who’s dear?
    The Apocalypse is here!!”
    And then they started screaming like an creazy.. Jess felt her heart beathing louder and louder. That was what she had forgotten. She now remembered the words like stood the girl right infront of her, saying them:” I am the Apocalypse”... Jess looked at the girl.
    “Umm.. Sorry I ask.. But I couldn’t help listening to your music.. Its really good.. But I wondered, what does Apocalypse mean?” Jess asked her friendly. The girl just laughed..
    “It means the end of the world silly..”
    “Thank you..” Jess said and stood. She gave one last look at the girl. Jess was sure her eyes where blue before, but now they where green, the same green eyes that had killed Emma and Lora. Jess felt the fear crawl over her and she ran to her room.

    She could hear the girls laugh all night long. She wanted her to ask, she wanted her to find out.. But Why? Frustration roamed Jess’s body and she felt worse and worse.
    The next day when Dera came, Jess told her about the Apocalypse thing. Dera looked at her with a smile.
    “Finally you remember, you see, I’m not a normal Inspector. No I’m actually working for the government about paranormal investigations. And we knew right away when we found the bodies, that this wasn’t human made. And that with the game. Well, it’s because that Apoc as her name is, thinks that I will fall into her trap. But I know better.” Dera smiled, but her smile fainted as she looked horrorfied at Jess. Jess could feel a pain shoot up though her body, as she collapsed into her bed. The taste of blood filled her mouth and her sight blurred. She heard Apoc laugh, and could see her face in the distance.
    “What did I tell you? Umm Yes.. You are dead now.. Thanks for brining dear Dera into my games.. After all, I am just a kid.” She laughed. Jess felt icy cold. She closed her eyes, but when she opened them again, she wasn’t at the hospital. She was in a forest. She looked around, the snow was falling, and her feet where cold. Her wounds had reopened and she was naked. Sitting watching her limbs slowly turn blue, she tried to force her self up. But she was too week. The ice crystals ripped her skin opened and the warm blood froze before it even landed on the ground. She closed her eyes started to cry, her tears froze onto her cold checks, and her hair started breaking off in the cold wind. She looked up torwrths the sky with her last powers; the sun was hidden behind clouds. Feeling fear, anger, and sadness run over her, she froze, and is still this day, sitting looking up, waiting for the sun to some out from its hide, looking up for hope, in the lands of hell.