• Bright Splendia mourned as they looked at the opened casket that held Queen Lucia’s body. Almost the whole kingdom attended the funeral for the late Majesty Queen Lucia. The sky was grey and dark and it was only so early in the afternoon. Lorien sat with Samuel and Lucas by her side. She lightly touched the tiny droplets of tears on her black dress. Lucas looked at her worriedly but turned away quickly when Samuel turned to look at him.

    “This truly is a mournful day for Bright Splendia. May the Queen rest in peace,” the priest said allowing the tears flow from his eyes. Lorien sat through the funeral impatiently. She wanted to be in the safety of her room, crying her heart out as hard as she could with Lucas by her side, holding her hand.

    The reception went on for hours. It was depressing and heartbreaking as Lorien listened to the words of many of her mother’s servants. How was she to rule this kingdom all on her own? She was completely clueless.

    When the funeral was over and everyone had returned to their homes, it was late afternoon and Lorien was called to a meeting with her mother’s counselors.

    “Your Highness, it is time for you to take the throne for your mother. Although, you are not allowed to rule until you have reached the age of 20, the age of majority, in this situation we don’t have a choice. We have called this meeting on terms of your crowning which we hope to occur no later than a week from now,” Sir Doyle, the head counselor, announced. Lorien burned in anger.

    “Rules are rules and I will follow them. If I am unable to rule this kingdom before the age of majority then I will not. I will rule this kingdom but as princess, not as Queen,” Lorien said strongly. The counselors turned to look at her in shock.

    “But your highness…” Sir Doyle started but Lorien interrupted him.

    “Are you going to question my authority Sir Doyle?” Lorien said angrily.

    “No your highness but…” Sir Doyle started again but Lorien was not going to let him speak.

    “Then I trust you will understand this. I will not allow you to crown me as Queen before the age of majority. I will rule this country but, for now, as princess,” Lorien said strongly as she slowly stood up from her chair.

    When she noticed that Sir Doyle was about to say something again, Lorien spoke quickly and angrily.

    “My decision is final, Sir Doyle.” With that, Lorien stormed out of the room, leaving the counselors dumbstruck and shocked at the Princesses crude behaviour.

    When Lorien slammed the door behind her, she noticed Samuel standing, waiting for her. She turned her face away and ran to her room. Samuel followed her, trying to catch up with her.

    “Lorien stop!” Samuel yelled but she wouldn’t.

    “Go away Samuel!” she yelled back as she ran. Her feet and legs ached but she didn’t care. Lorien wasn’t going to stop until she reached the safe confines of her room.

    When Lorien finally got to her bedroom, she slammed the door behind her and locked it. She plonked herself onto the bed and let the tears flow out of her eyes. Samuel was banging on her door, yelling for her to let him in.

    “Just go away Samuel! Go away! Leave me alone!” Lorien yelled repeatedly until the banging stopped. Samuel left in defeat and went to his room.

    After a moment’s peace, Lorien thought that she was finally going to get the chance to cry in private. That was before she heard a knock on her door, a softer knock. Lorien got off her bed and went to open the door, ready to yell at who was coming to bother her.

    She opened the door and was about to scream before she noticed that it was Mrs. Coldwell.

    “Oh, my dear,” Mrs. Coldwell said softly. She gave Lorien a hug and the Princess started wailing with despair. The tears flowed down her face like a waterfall there was no sign that they were anywhere near stopping. Mrs. Coldwell spent 2 long hours trying to comfort the young girl but Lorien felt empty. She felt lost without her mother. After a while, Lorien could feel that her poor old servant was getting tired.

    “Mrs. Coldwell, I think I should go take a walk. I should get some fresh air, I need some,” Lorien said sniffling. Mrs. Coldwell smiled at her in approval and Lorien went straight to the Crystal Garden.

    She sat on one of the cold white benches made of marble and looked up at the sky, tears still falling from her face.

    “Mother, what am I to do now? Help me, please,” Lorien cried softly.

    “I’m sure your mother will always watch over you Lorien,” a soft and familiar voice said to her. She turned to see a beautiful face with light brown hair blowing in the wind and emerald green eyes shining at her. He went to sit next to the Princess and she cuddled up to him, crying.

    “Lucas, I don’t know what to do,” Lorien said tearfully. Lucas held her tightly.

    “Just follow your heart Lorien, like you always do. It will never do you wrong,” Lucas said softly. Lorien smiled and looked up at him.

    “Like when I fell in love with you,” Lorien whispered and he kissed her, but it felt different. She pulled away from him and he looked at her strangely.

    “Is there a problem between us Lucas?” Lorien asked. Lucas looked at her then sighed. He had to tell her the truth about everything.

    During this time, Samuel was walking around the castle when he came across the Royal Family portrait. Samuel smiled but it faded quickly.

    As he neared the Crystal Garden, Samuel heard voices and recognized them immediately.

    “Lorien?” Samuel whispered under his breath and went to hide behind a pillar. He looked in the direction of where the voices were coming from. His eyes popped wide open when he saw the Captain of Bright Splendia’s Army sitting on a bench with the Princess in too much of a friendly way. Samuel immediately realized what was going on with them.

    “Lorien, it’s time you knew the truth,” Lucas said and took her hands in his and, with Samuel listening, began telling the story of that day on the battlefield.