• There was a war. A ten year old girl ran across to her mother and sister. "When will it stop?"

    Her mother said, "When Daddy comes home"

    Her sister said, "We have to run..there is no more time left.."

    So that day, she ran with her remaining family. She did not know, but her father ran to America to be safe..Her family was going too.

    "HALT! You are the enemies' CITIZENS! We will capture you!"

    That was when they...got imprisoned..That night in the cell, her sister made up a brilliant yet risky plan.

    "I shall pretend to take a restroom break and you all run for it! I will catch up with you!"

    "But sister! Its too risky! What if something happened to us?"

    "No matter! We must try and die trying all the way. We shall join Father at America"


    "We shall and we will"

    The next morning..

    "I need to go to the restroom Ms."

    Ms said, "All right. I'll leave the CELL open so you can come BACK"

    It was like it was a trap..or was she HELPING us? No..she was the enemy..before I could tell my sister..she ran out..Mother next..and me..


    Oh no! They ran after us till we had no breath. We decided to split up. They caught up to my sister and me.. I asked where my mom was..they only said..

    "We..had to take her down..sorry..but it was the only way"
    Atleast I knew..that some ppl are nice..I couldn't..believe..she..was..dead.

    I cried..and killed the killer who killed my mom ..I couldn't stop..I was in the rage. The only time I could ever calm down was remembering my mom's face..and being close to my sister. Will this be the end? Will we survive? I guess..fate has to tell.