• ------------------------------Chapter 1--------------------------------

    Haliee leaped out of her seat and screamed “is she ok is she ok?!” Mrs. Ruger responded “yes she’s fine she just bumped her head.” Hailee sighed “I wanted an adventure.”
    “how would Ruby getting hurt be an adventure?”
    “I don’t know it just would.” Haliee whispered. Haliee and the rest of her class went inside. “ Now class now that, that is over we can get back to class your homework for spring break is to find out what your name means in any language.” Implied Mrs. Ruger. Hailee sighed and passed a note over to her BFF Cloe. It said
    Hey, Cloe can you pass the note under this one to Genie. Cloe sighed but nodded. The note for Genie said
    Genie your still working off that deal you have to do my homework through middle school because I had to jump in the pond near your house with no clothes on haha. Now Genie sighs but nodes. Then the bell rings. “Whoa spring break!!!!!” Haliee shouts then Haliee remembered the bell doesn’t dismiss you the teacher does. So she ended up staying in detention for 2 hours after school with all the “bad” kids. When Hailee got home the detention followed her she was grounded for the whole spring break. “But mom!” Haliee said. “It’s only fair Haliee.” Said Haliee’s mom. Haliee knew she couldn’t back talk, her mom would start comparing her to Paige her older sister. But this time she didn’t have to back talk. “Paige has never gotten a detention in her life and will never get a detention…. EVER.” Hailee stomped up to her room with a destroyed and angry face. Haliee started tearing up. Then her cell phone rings. She picks it up it was Ruby’s dad. “hello?”
    “Yes is this Haliee?”
    “Um Yes.”
    “Ruby is in the hospital she knocked her head at recess.”
    “I know I-I was there. Mrs. Ruger said she was fine.”
    “Well she wasn’t her head was bleeding she cracked it.”
    “Is she ok?”
    “No she’s getting stitches done and she can’t remember anything.”
    “Well who pushed her.”
    “Didn’t I just say she can’t remember anything!”
    “Well….. sorry. I got to go…..bye.”
    “BYE!” Now Haliee had a real reason to cry her friend has a crack in her head!

    ------------------------------To Be Continued----------------------------