• Sitting by a nearby brook, young Kim tried to sort out her feelings. Earlier that day she saw Nelson, the best looking boy in her class. She was not alone in that opinion. So many times she wanted to express how she felt to him and tried even more times to talk to him. Every time he passed her in the corridor, she felt an entire swarm of butterflies in the pit of her stomach, she just could not say hi to him.
    As she sat by the cool running brook, she thought about what she would do when she next passed by him at school. Every thought that came to her mind about what she would say and how she would say it, terrified her inside.
    Then she got an idea. If I can't say how I feel I will just have to write what I want to say. I can make it a friendship type of letter and his response to it will tell me all I need to know to take the next step. She then proceeded to write out her letter. She started with Hello my name is Kim. I don't think you know me but I pass by you in the corridor in school everyday. I just wanted to say hello and ask you if you would like to be friends. After she had written the letter she put it in the envelope and started to head home. She had it all planned. The next day in school she would give him the letter. As she got ready to go home, she happened to glance into the nice calm, clear water. She took a long look and then crumbled the letter and threw it into the brook. No way will he ever answer it, she thought to herself. She then headed home,no further into pursuit than when she had first arrived.